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How to choose a good handle

How to choose a good handle

There has come the age of computer and digital technology, so that the need to write by hand is increasingly unnecessary. Even essays in schools, with rare exceptions, are asked to type.

Nevertheless, they are aspects that still need to use the pen. However, it is as if out of spite, puts a blot, stain on the document or refuses to write.

Fingers quickly tired of her hold and start to hurt.

To this will not happen, there are several ways to choose for themselves the right knob.



Before you buy a pen, hold it. It should not slip or rub your fingers, but lie well in the hand it is simply obliged.


It should not be carving and decorations in the place where you keep it, otherwise it will be inconvenient to write.


Do not buy a pen made of cheap metal. It will slide between the toes, and the adjective "cheap" is used for a reason.


It is better to purchase pens with caps.


The handle should match the type of paper on which she will write.


Some people believe that a good handle quite weighty. But do not immediately buy the heaviest. Five minutes of work with it - and the hand gets tired.


Handle design is always at your discretion,but we must not forget, for what it is cases you buy it. If, in order to sign a multi-billion dollar contract, it is better to look more impressive than if you're just getting ready to enter notes in a notebook.

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