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How to choose a good gladioli bulbs

How to choose a good gladioli bulbs

For various reasons, often florist-loversWe have to buy planting materials, including gladioli bulbs. And, as practice shows, choose their "neumeyuchi" - namely, the eyes that were large bulbs, hoping that the flowers are big.

This is mistake.



In order to choose a good onion shouldfirst and foremost pay attention to its shape and size. It is best to buy juvenile bulbs are grown from the kids. They are easily identified by the shape of truffle candy. They are quite tall and have a well-developed flower buds. Such bulbs - long life. Donets they have very little.


You can choose a flowering bulbs. They are sufficiently high and have not one, but several flower buds. Because kidney summer bloom stalk 2-3. This is the same juvenile bulb, but at the age of 2-3 years. Donets in these bulbs is medium in size.

flowering corms


Corms older than 5 years old are considered. The exceptions are some varieties that have onions and remain viable for more than 5 years. Older bulbs have a large size, very flat shape and large basal plate, a 2-2.5 cm in diameter. This planting material often die after planting in the ground, giving the low quality blossoms, blooms with fewer buds, blooms late, ill, damaged by pests.

The old corms


When buying pay attention to the scales,that cover the bulb. They should be shiny, golden-yellow or reddish, but not dull and gray. The scales have a healthy bulbs is well and completely removed. In places of attachment to the bulb scales fabric should be of the same color, without dark stripes and spots.


On corm quality should not be damaged, defects ulcers. Donets should be clear, with the outlined white roots, not gray or blackened.

Sick Donets gladiolus


"Stump" in the bulb stem (place of the stalk cut) should be in the color scale. Blackened "stump", having a fibrous structure - a sign of an unhealthy bulbs.

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