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How to choose a good camera

How to choose a good camera

Many happy moments of life you want to remember forever, now it can help a video camera and a camera.

For after the holiday, meetings, trips and other important life events are not to be disappointed in the quality of images, to the choice of camera should come with great responsibility.

Presented in a variety of storesphotographic equipment is huge. There are several classes of cameras designed for different situations. The main question that you must answer: Do you want to shoot beautiful professional shots or want to buy an inexpensive, but quality model, allowing you to capture important moments in your life in photos in the album.

Cameras with removable lenses

The first class of camera - SLR andmirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses. Such cameras are chosen by people who are going to photograph a lot and often, are going to experiment with the various features of the camera post-processing of images in different programs. With these cameras is supposed to follow the purchase of new lenses.
On price tags contain certain camerascharacteristics each of the models. One of these characteristics is considered to be resolution of the camera matrix, that is, of how many megapixels it is. Please note that this figure should not be less than 10 megapixels. The higher this number, the more clear and high-quality images can happen, but at least A2 size photos, this parameter will be completely invisible.
An important parameter to select the camera will be the presence ofstabilizer in it, as in its absence you have to take pictures with a tripod or get blurred images. This information is indicated on the price list or icon can be seen on the lens of the camera. Also, in many cameras with removable lenses provides useful video function. The existence of this option will allow you instead of buying two separate devices to get and use one.

Compact cameras

The second class of digital cameras - the so-called"Soap", mirrorless cameras without a removable optics. This is a budget, but not always, an option to record important moments in life, and print pictures in landscape format to leaf. In this case, an important factor is the choice of the matrix camera. Another aspect is a frame rate, that is, how many frames per second, this camera can do. The optimum amount is calculated from 7-10 fps.
It is worth paying attention to the amount of zoom,it is important to make it more 5x. The camera of this level will be the biggest advantage of properties such as impact-resistant or waterproof, allows you to take photos and videos in extreme conditions.

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