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How to choose a good home


How to choose a good home</a>

Every person at least once in his life is faced with the purchase of real estate. Immediately, the question of finding high-quality housing becomes urgent.

On how well we choose our future home or apartment depends on our well-being.

What is better to buy: a house or an apartment? What housing to buy a young family?

How to verify the authenticity of documents?

These and many other questions are asked by potential buyers.

Of course, price is the main criterion forChoice of housing. If you need inexpensive housing, which in the future you can quickly sell or exchange, think about buying a good one-bedroom apartment. In the real estate market, they are the most popular commodity. Remember that an apartment on the middle floor is easier to sell than on the first and last, and the presence of a balcony or basement is a big plus. It is worth paying attention to the location of the property. An important factor is the distance from the apartment to the nearest metro station or bus stop. For a young family it is desirable to have a close location of kindergartens, schools, shops, polyclinics.
In the event that you have enough money toBuy more spacious housing or you decided to "expand", think about buying a house. The area of ​​the apartment house usually exceeds the area of ​​the apartment. There will be more rooms here. You can make a dining room, a living room, an office, a workshop, which is enough for your imagination. And on the territory adjacent to the house, there will be a place for the garden, and for the bathhouse, and for the gazebo. The house, first of all, should be strong, the recent year of construction. Look closely at how much useful space there is in it, how light and cozy it is.
Remember that you would not choose a house or an apartment,Always check the documents. Look at the availability of such documents as: certificate of ownership, technical passport, cadastral passport. Before the transaction, order an extract from the EGRP. This certificate will show you the presence of encumbrances, arrests, overlaps. If possible, consult a legal agency. Show documents to realtors or lawyers. Approach seriously the issue of housing.

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