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How to choose a gas stove

How to choose a gas stove

Gas stoves are still the most popular, because the electricity is much more expensive than fossil fuels. In this type of kitchen appliances and many other advantages, such as rapid heating.

But the gas ovens presented in the stores in a large range, which is not surprising, and lost.



Get a plate with composite grating-stand, which can be removed. It is much easier for you to wash the surface of the plate, since they can be easily detached and loaded into the dishwasher.


Unfortunately, sometimes the gas leakage occur. To prevent this, buy a model with a system of gas control. The different devices, the system operation principle is different, so it is advisable to study how to use all of you are interested in models. Do not ignore this information, it will help you to use the stove with ease.


For more comfort, buy a gas stove withelectrical ignition. These appliances are of two types: regular and automatic. In the conventional model to fuel burners need to press a special button. Automatic will do everything for you, the only negative - you can not simultaneously enable upper and lower burners.


Note the model with a drawer for baking, which leaves behind the oven door. With this device you do not have to reach into the preheated oven.


The doors of some models double or triple that provides better insulation. On such a surface no one be burnt, this is especially important if you have kids.


For convenience, some ovens are equipped with a skewer for grilling. You can significantly ease the process of laundering oven, buying plate with catalytic self-cleaning function.


Note the differences in materials,are used for the cooking surface. aluminum alloy does not tarnish and is not covered with scratches. Enameled steel is presented in different colors, it is inexpensive, has good hygiene indicators. Stainless steel is much easier to wash, but it costs more. The most beautiful and unpretentious glass ceramics, but she is afraid of strikes.


In most cases, above the cooking surfaceis the cover, which protects the wall from splashes. Its glass surface washing is much easier than metal. Additional features that you might find useful, also applies the timer, it will beep at the end of the set you on the cooking time.

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