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How to choose a gas stove


How to choose a gas stove</a>

Gas stoves are still the most popular, because electricity is much more expensive than natural fuels. Kitchen appliances of this type have many other advantages, for example, rapid heating.

But gas stoves are presented in stores in a large assortment, in which it is no wonder and get lost.



Acquire a plate with composite gratings-stands, which can be removed. This will make it much easier for you to wash the surface of the cooker, as they can easily be disconnected and loaded into the dishwasher.


Unfortunately, gas leakage sometimes occurs. To prevent this, get a model with a gas-control system. In different devices, this system is distinguished by the principle of functioning, so it is advisable to study the instructions for use in all models of interest to you. Do not neglect this information, it will help you use the stove with ease.


For more comfort, buy a gas cooker withElectric ignition. These household appliances are of two types: conventional and automatic. In the conventional model, to press the hotplate, you need to press a special button. Automatic will do everything for you, the only negative - you can not simultaneously include the bottom and top burners.


Pay attention to the model with a drawer for trays, which leaves after the door of the oven. Thanks to this device, you do not have to reach the heated oven.


The doors of some models are double or triple, which provides better thermal insulation. On such a surface no one will get burned, this is especially important if you have children.


For convenience, some ovens are equipped with a grill for grilling. You can greatly facilitate the process of washing the oven by buying a plate with the function of catalytic self-cleaning.


Pay attention to the differences in materials,Which are used for the hob. The aluminum alloy does not tarnish and is not scratched. Enamelled steel is presented in different color solutions, inexpensive, it has good hygienic indices. Stainless steel is much easier to wash, but it also costs more. The most beautiful and unpretentious glass-ceramics, but she is afraid of blows.


In most cases above the hobThere is a cover that protects the wall from splashes. Its glass surface is much easier to wash than metal. Additional functions that may be of use to you are also included in the timer, it will beep after the cooking time you have set.

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