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How to choose a gas oven

How to choose a gas oven

When choosing appliances for the kitchen is very important to choose the gas oven, because of its quality depends directly on the success of your meals from flavorful baked chicken to fresh pastries.

Do not neglect this type of household appliances, because neither fashionable microwave oven can not cope with the tasks that are able to perform a good oven.



Decide on an oven control method. They are autonomous (independent) and associates. Dependent switched on and off with a button and work only with hob, ie it is carried out with her oven control functions. Stand-alone ovens have control devices directly on your body and do not operate independently of the panel. Their advantage is that they can be installed anywhere, regardless of the location cooktops.


Select the optimal size of the oven. Typically, it is a standard width - from 60 to 70 centimeters. There oven up to 120 centimeters, but they are not common in Russia.


Select a company-manufacturer of the oven. Carefully compare the quality of products and competitors' prices. It is advisable to stick to one brand in the kitchen.


Check out the warranty period, whichmanufacturer sets its ovens. As a rule, the guarantee extends from one to three years, but this does not mean that after this period the oven breaks down. All ovens are the world's largest manufacturers and are quite reliable for years to come.


Now your task - to choose gas wind cabinet with the necessary set of useful for youfeatures one of the essential is to have a timer. Make sure that you choose the oven there is an electronic or mechanical timer, it will help you keep track of readiness dishes.


If possible, choose an oven with pyrolytic self-cleaning function. In this case, you will not have its own wash after cooking fatty meat or chicken.


choose a gas wind cabinet with avtopodzhigom. It allows you to turn it on without even opening the door without using matches. Just press the button.


Please note that the unit is provided in theoven rotisserie chicken for cooking (fish, meat). It will help prepare meals, fully and evenly roasted from all sides, even the kebabs. Preference is given to spit located diagonally.

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