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How to choose a flash

Choosing a flash note to its maximum capacity

Work and creativity are inconceivable without the photographerquality flash, regardless of whether the photo is your profession or your favorite hobby. If you want to pursue photography seriously and use a professional camera, you'll need to choose a good and suitable for your flash targets.

photographic stores offer a huge selection of different outbreaks, and in this article we will discuss the criteria and characteristics for which we must pay attention to when choosing a flash.



Choosing a flash note on her masternumber, or in other words? maximum power. Guide number? is the distance at which you can get high quality and the right frame when the diaphragm 1 and the sensitivity 100.


Also note the TTL? parameter that affects the determination of the flash power depending on the exposure frame. Another important parameter is the outbreak? that it contains an automatic zoom that allows you to change the distance to the object, without losing focus and allowing higher quality light.


If you care about the performance of the flash, for example, if you are doing sequential photo? purchase a high speed flash recharge batteries.


Also, some have flash exposure control function in different shooting modes, flash and some have a rotatable head light.


Swivel head allows you to direct a beam of light from the flash is up to the side or in the direction of the lens that gives different light effects to the photos.


Buying a flash, in addition to the selection of the aboveparameters, guided by its own financial capacity. Outbreaks are low cost, semi-professional and professional, and vary accordingly in price and performance.


Cheap flash is not recommended for purchase because ofSmall amounts of convenient features? for example, such the flash are not rotatable head, and thus does not differ from the embedded flares nothing but light power.


More than the best option suitable fora limited budget? semi-flash. This outbreak will suit you if you do not do complicated professional photo as a profession and an art form, but wish to receive frames with memorable events and attractions of high quality.


If your goal? shooting reports, work in difficult conditions and make a photo? purchase professional high-power flash and a minimum recharge period. If you specialize in macro photography on the style, you need the macro flash is working on a small focal distance.

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