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How to choose a flash


When choosing a flash, pay attention to its maximum power</a>

The work and creativity of the photographer are inconceivable withoutQuality flash, regardless of whether the photo is your profession or your favorite hobby. If you want to take photos seriously and use a professional camera, you will need to choose a good and suitable flash for your purposes.

Phototechnics stores offer a huge selection of different flashes, and in this article we will talk about those criteria and characteristics that you need to pay attention to when choosing a flash.



When choosing a flash, pay attention to its leadingNumber, or in other words? Maximum power. Leading number? This is the distance at which you can get a quality and correct frame at aperture 1 and sensitivity 100.


Also pay attention to the TTL? Parameter influencing the determination of the flash output depending on the exposure of the frame. Another important parameter of the outbreak? The presence in it of an automatic zoom, which allows you to change the distance to the object, without losing focus and giving a better light.


If the speed of the flash is important for you, for example, if you are doing a photo report? Get a flash with a high speed of recharging the batteries.


Also, some flash units have exposure control in different shooting modes, and some flash units have a rotating light head.


The swivel head allows you to direct a beam of light from the flash up, to the side or to the side of the diffuser, which gives different light effects in the photo.


Buying a flash, in addition to the selection of the aboveParameters, be guided by own financial possibilities. Outbreaks are budgetary, semi-professional and professional, and differ, respectively, in price and performance.


Cheap flashes are not recommended for purchase because ofA small number of convenient features? For example, such flares do not have a rotating head, and therefore, do not differ from the built-in flashes with anything other than the power of light.


A more optimal option, suitable forLimited budget? Semi-professional flashes. Such an outbreak will suit you if you do not engage in complex professional photography as a profession and kind of art, but want to receive shots from memorable events and interesting places of high quality.


If your goal? To shoot reports, work in difficult conditions and earn a photo? Acquire a professional flash of high power and minimum recharge period. If you specialize in macro-style photography, you'll need a macro flash that works at a small focal length.

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