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How to choose a fireplace


How to choose a fireplace</a>

Man since ancient times wanted to tame the fire. Now this desire has turned into a desire for decorative decoration of houses with the help of fireplaces.

A fireplace can bring comfort and tranquility into your life, even in large cities.

He is able to give the house an incomparable style, radiate peace and warmth.



In order to determine the choice of a fireplace,You need to decide what you need it for. It will serve for heating the room, cooking or simply as a decorative element. In addition to the purpose of the fireplace is worth paying attention to some technical points. For example, for the presence of its location, the presence of the necessary fuel, built-in chimney.


After you have decided on the appointmentFireplace, you need to choose the type of fire. All fireplaces can be divided into electric fireplaces and with real flames. Fireplaces with live fire come with a closed and open furnace. Open have a low efficiency. In addition, the closed ones are more safe. And the safest to use is, of course, electric fireplaces. They can imitate a real fire. In addition, electrical Fireplaces There is another remarkable plus - high efficiency.


Fireplaces vary and depending on theCountry of origin. All companies are guided only by the local climate. English-made fireplaces are designed mainly to remove moisture from the room. Fireplaces from Greece have very low efficiency due to the fact that the Greek climate does not require a strong heating of the premises. Fireplaces from France are air and light.


When you decide on all the aboveCharacteristics, you can go to the aesthetic side of the matter. The fireplace can be selected so that it fits any interior. After all, they make fireplaces in almost any style: classic, country, high-tech, modern.

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