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How to choose a filter for the aquarium

How to choose a filter for the aquarium

The most important equipment in the aquarium is the filter.

Filters are required to clean the aquarium water andenriching it with oxygen. If there is no filter, content and aquarium maintenance becomes troublesome task, not to mention about the health of your aquatic pets.

It is better to have in place the equipment.

You will need

  • In order to select and install the filter, you will need: Aquarium, which will be filled with the settled water.



Filter - a necessary thing in your aquarium. This equipment is divided into two types: internal, which will be located inside the tank, and of course, the appearance (this filter It will be installed outside the aquarium). pick up view filteras follows, depending on the volume of the aquarium. there is also a filteruyuschie materials used for the mechanical and biological purification of water: activated carbon, ceramic or ceramic filler.

Filter with an ultraviolet lamp.


Inside the aquarium filter It consists of a pump and a sponge. A sponge is passed contaminated water and comes out clean. Such filter It can be used in small tanks to 200 liters. Samu gubku-filter must be cleaned and, to the extent of wear, replace the new one. Efficiency filterand will depend on the size, type and capacity.

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External aquarium filters have a canister. This canister is always outside of the aquarium. From this filterand depart two hoses. From one hose water enters the canister, and the other goes through the back into the aquarium. When water enters the canister, then there are several stages of mechanical, chemical and biological treatment. Such filter aquariums used for large or smaller volume tanks. A small aquarium water pollution does not allow to keep the internal filter. Some filters may be combined with the compressor, that is cleaning with water can saturate the water with oxygen, and with an ultraviolet lamp.

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