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How to choose a filter for an aquarium

How to choose a filter for an aquarium</a>

The most important equipment in the aquarium is a filter.

Filters are necessary for cleaning aquarium water andEnrichment with oxygen. In the absence of a filter, the maintenance and maintenance of the aquarium becomes a troublesome occupation, not to mention the health of your water animals.

It is better to have this equipment.

You will need

  • In order to select and install a filter, you will need: an aquarium that will be filled with sedimented water.



A filter is a necessary thing in your aquarium. This equipment is divided into two types: internal, which will be located inside the aquarium, and, of course, external (this filter Will be installed outside the aquarium). Choose a view filterBut it depends on the volume of the aquarium. Also there is filterDetergent materials that are used for mechanical and biological water treatment: activated carbon, expanded clay or ceramic filler.

Filter with ultraviolet lamp.


Internal aquarium filter Consists of a pump and a sponge. Dirty water is passed through the sponge, but it leaves clean water. Such filter Can be used in small aquariums up to 200 liters. The sponge-filter It is necessary to clean and, in the process of wear, replace with a new one. Efficiency filterBut will depend on the size, type and power.

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External aquarium filterYou have a canister. This canister is always outside the aquarium. From such filterAnd two hoses are moving away. From one hose the water enters the canister, and through the other it goes back to the aquarium. When water enters the canister, several stages of mechanical, chemical and biological purification take place. Such filter Used for large aquariums or in smaller aquariums. In a small aquarium, the level of water contamination does not allow keeping the internal filter. Some filterYou can be combined with the compressor, that is, together with water purification can saturate the water with oxygen, as well as with an ultraviolet lamp.

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