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How to choose a fence for a suburban area


How to choose a fence for a suburban area</a>

Fence at the dacha is necessary. The main thing is to think out what material it will be, choose the size of the structure, stop at a solid version or from a fence.

If the fence goes to the road, then the height can be any, and on the height of the construction between the sites there are restrictions.

Fence made of corrugated board

This fence is now a squeak of fashion. Many dachas are hiding behind this monumental structure. Profiled sheeting is made of galvanized iron, covered with a special polymer composition.
Here are its benefits:
Durability. Galvanized iron does not rust and, unlike wood, does not rot.
There is no need to cover it with paint, since the polymer performs a decorative function and does not need to be updated.
-The price on the fence is acceptable, which is also an attractive factor.
You can find the coloring to your taste. Basic basic colors: dark green, red, brown, blue, signal gray. Some manufacturers offer the widest range of shades, which consists of several dozen colors.
From the corrugated board create a continuous fence orfence. Continuous, which goes to the road, can be a height of 1.5 to 2.5 meters. Between the sites, depending on the specific region, the charter of the villa association, fences are allowed, aiming from 1.5 to 1.75 meters upwards, solid or with gaps.
If the neighbors agree, they can erect a two-meter fence between their territories.
One of the latest trends of fashion - fences made from corrugated board with a figured edge. They look decorative and will be an excellent obstacle in the way of intruders.

Plastic options

Fences made of plastic also look very impressive. Of their positive qualities can be distinguished longevity, ease of care. Manufacturers also offer such fences of various shades, but the color palette is poorer than in the previous version.
Another disadvantage of this fence is a rather high cost. But those who want to have a beautiful fence in the country and "do not stand behind the price" can stop on this option.

Wooden fences

This is the oldest kind of fences. Such fences stood around peasant and landowner houses both 2 and 3 centuries ago.
Of course, now the wooden fences have changeddrastically. There are impregnations that prolong their life. To the tree does not rot in the ground, first you need to drill the grooves in the soil, then - to hammer in it iron pillars, and already on them to fasten the wooden components.
One of the biggest advantages of such a product is low cost, of the minuses - the need for periodic painting.

Other types of dacha fences

Another budget option - a fence of mesh netting. Such a fence is even cheaper than a wooden fence. But it is transparent, so you can not hide behind curious eyes.
Forged fences are durable, beautiful, but are quite expensive. Often they are combined with pillars of brick. Smorets such a building majestically and stylishly.
From the presented options, it is not difficult to choose the optimal, suited to the taste, financial possibilities of the owner of the dacha.

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