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How to choose a feeder rod

How to choose a feeder rod

Feeder fishing tackle - a frequent visitor to our waters. Meet the feeder rod is possible even in the hands of an inexperienced novice, masters of fishing.

Such gear has a number of characteristics that distinguish them from spinning boards mounted their fiberglass. The complexion feeder rod includes a set of interchangeable tips of different stiffness.

Getting to the selection rod.



The length of the feeder rod range from3.6 to 4.5 m. The most common rods about 3.7 meters in length. This length allows the bait to throw long distances. In addition, when working gear on the rocky bottom, where it is likely to hold on, this length of the rod enough to jerk free the snap from the bottom. shorter fishing rod It does not allow this.


If you practice long casts, you need fishing rod a length of 4 m. Long gear worked well and when fishing in the strong current, as well as in those cases, if behind the angler grows tall grass or bushes. The lack of a long feeder rod - it is a little too heavy and less convenient to use.


There are models of feeder rods, whose length can be set independently with additional knees. You thus can control the characteristics of gear depending on fishing conditions.


feeder fishing rod It has bundled several interchangeable vershinok. They differ in stiffness. The usual material for manufacturing vershinok - fiberglass or carbon fiber CFRP - a material more powerful and tough, fiberglass and different sensitivity and transmits all the slightest change in a snap. Vershinku should be monolithic, as the hollow under a load may break off.


Feeder for use in optimal conditionsthe characteristics of the rod to indicate its capacity. Unfortunately, different manufacturers use different types of labeling, therefore it is difficult to compare. If in doubt, consult a sales assistant.


If you choose, pay attention to the ranks of the feeder. Powerful and heavy rods differ significantly greater rigidity. Such rods allow the tackle to throw far and accurately, and avoid potential damage.


To test the system, remove vershinku, and then the usual by shaking hands, determine how well the bend fishing rod. If fishing rod It bends to a greater degree in the upper third, a gear to be preferred.


Finally note that the number of crossings of the Rings at the feeder. The rings more, the better. A large number of rings allows you to distribute the load evenly. Rings should be on three legs.

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