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WHAT choose favorable houseplants

What to choose favorable houseplants

Beautiful flowering plants are not only able to decorate the interior of a modern home, but also allow you to create a cozy atmosphere.

Also, due to their presence there is moisture and oxygen saturation of the home.

But few know that there are varietieshouseplants that have the most beneficial effect on the psychological atmosphere in the house and on the well-being of people living in it.

Selecting a houseplant because of its mestaraspolozheniya house

Each room has its ownenabling plants. Therefore, when choosing a green pet, first of all need to be considered, it will be in a room. For the interior of the living room are perfect tall plants, such as palm, Ficus, Monstera or dieffenbachia.

When choosing houseplants also need to take into account other factors - such as room lighting, temperature and humidity, because your plants need to feel comfortable at home.

In the bedroom, in any case should not be placedstrong-smelling plants, it can cause insomnia and headache. For such a space better to choose flower pots soothing scents, for example, it may be violet, begonia or Fitton. A pleasant shade of these colors also configure the tranquil rest and sleep.
For the kitchen will be appropriate to use fruit-bearing plants, such as lemon or tangerine. In addition to the bright and cheerful appearance, beauty, they have a flavor that gives energy and strength.

Of course, it is impossible not to mention the medicinal plants. Aloe, golden mustache, kalanchoe can serve as mistress of a small "living" first aid kit.

Especially you have to be careful when choosing plantsfor a child's room. It is better to avoid sharp-smelling plants and cause allergies, as well as the spiny cactus. For this room are perfect Crassula, Saintpaulia, Chlorophytum. They contribute to air oxygenation and has a beneficial effect on the child's body.

Caring for houseplants

But choosing houseplants, should not forgetthat each of them requires proper care. If you want flowers for a long time to please you, you must pay attention to the study of the characteristics of care. Patients flowers not only look unsightly, but also (in terms of the Chinese Feng Shui teachings) adversely affect the family and home. Over time, taking care of the plants in the house and watching them, it is easy to navigate and to create the most optimal conditions for them.
And finally, it is worth mentioning that no matter whatproperties not possessed plants, above all, they should evoke positive emotions in all members of the family, creating a cozy atmosphere in the house. So do not oversaturate dwelling excessive amount of flowers and plants.

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