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Mixer - a device that mixes the hot water with cold

Mixer? It is a device that mixes the hot water with the cold.

Now in stores a huge selection of mixers provided differing in form, material quality.

The most common designs are considered? Herringbone ?, single-lever mixer, wall-mounted faucet.



Herringbone? it is the most simple design, it consists of two combined crane and between the spout (curved or straight), from which the water flows. It is a fixed or rotating. In these mixers, the water supply valve. The traditional lack of exploitation shall be considered that over time, you can not close until the end of the water. This is due to the fact that the action of water from a rigid rubber gasket deforms. The ceramic liner is considered more durable since it is resistant to chemical attack by water.


Single-lever mixer. The use of this device and a mixer is fairly simple. The principle of operation lies in the fact that the two spherical surfaces are aligned with the holes in the desired position by adjusting the water volume and temperature.


Wall-mounted faucet. This type of mixer is fixed to the water pipes. Adjusting the temperature and pressure of water is due to the lever. The spout is the same as the other structures. Also mixers are usually built aerators, which form a straight and accurate water jet. But it requires the frequency of cleaning, otherwise the water will splash in different directions.

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