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How to choose a duvet

How to choose a duvet

Fluffy feather duvets, pillows and blankets are always considered a sign of prosperity and even some luxury. These bedding included in the dowry every good bride.

And now, these products are highly valued.

How to choose a good duvet and does not regret buying?



First of all, decide the size of the futurepurchases. If you like to be wrapped up, you can purchase a semi-variant. For spouses suit as a huge double duvet, and a pair of single - choice depends on personal preference. There are models that are designed specifically for children - both toddlers and teenagers.


Decide what level of heat you are satisfied. For a well-heated apartments suitable lightweight version, in a cool bedroom need a very warm blanket. On the level of heat affects not only the thickness of the many quilting - a rare stitch gives a high level of heat, often make more cool blanket. There are combination products with insulated bottom, or central part, and with frequent instances of stitches along the edge, ensuring a better fit blankets while sleeping.


Rate filling your future purchases. The best option - wide fluff. Pooh in conjunction with a pen or wool reduces the cost, but it makes a blanket heavier and much less comfortable. The most valuable is considered eiderdown, the cheapest - duck. In the middle is a filler fluff geese - the best option for quality-price ratio.


Note the fabric. Too heavy to be uncomfortable for sleeping, a blanket will rustle bad fit to the body. Too thin material may skip the fluff. Best copies sew from a thin but durable cotton or silk. There are also models with special effects - such as a coating of antibacterial silver ions or impregnation. Note that these pleasant things increase the cost of goods.


If the blanket is packaged, carefully remove itfrom a package or carton. Poterebit Area - fluff should not be collected lumps Smell blanket. If the filler is treated with chemicals, you will feel a sharp odor. Note that it disappears with difficulty, such a purchase should be abandoned.

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