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How to choose a duvet


How to choose a duvet</a>

Lush feather pillows, pillows and blankets have always been considered a sign of prosperity and even some luxury. These bedding belonged to the dowry of every good bride.

And now such products are highly appreciated.

How to choose a good duvet and not regret buying?



First of all, decide on the size of the futurepurchases. If you like to wrap yourself up, get a half-version. For the couple suitable as a huge double bed, and a couple of single - the choice depends on personal preferences. There are also models designed specifically for children - both toddlers and teenagers.


Decide what level of heat you are comfortable with. For a well-heated apartment is suitable light version, in a cool bedroom will need a very warm blanket. The heat level is affected not so much by the thickness as by the quilting - a rare stitch gives a high level of heat, often makes the blanket cooler. There are combined products with a warmed lower or central part, as well as specimens with a frequent stitch along the edge, which ensures better fitting of the blanket during sleep.


Assess the filler of your future purchase. The best option is one hundred percent fluff. Pooh combined with a feather or wool makes the cost cheaper, but makes the blanket heavier, and much less comfortable. The most valuable is considered the eiderdown, the cheapest is duck. In the middle is the filler from the fluff of geese - the best option for the ratio of quality and price.


Pay attention to the fabric. Too tight will be uncomfortable for sleep, the blanket will rustle and badly adhere to the body. Too thin a material can pass fluff. The best specimens are sewn from thin, but durable cotton or silk. There are also models with special effects - for example, with a coating of silver ions or antibacterial impregnation. Please note that these pleasant little things increase the cost of the goods.


If the blanket is packed, be sure to remove itFrom a package or a box. Poterbiti corner - fluff should not be collected lumps, Sniff the blanket. If the filler is treated with chemicals, you will feel a sharp unpleasant odor. Note that it is difficult to weather, it is better to refuse such a purchase.

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