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How to choose a dryer for shoes

How to choose a dryer for shoes

With the onset of spring or fall on the street there is slush and mud.

Our feet get wet, as a result, we often get sick.

Shoes need to be dried well before its use follows.

How to dry shoes, which is better to use the dryer.

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Electric driers frame. It consists of two frames in the form of loops. They put shoes. This dryer is economical, does not spend a lot of energy. One disadvantage of this device. To completely dry the shoes take a long time, about 10 hours.


UV dryers. It has the form of two pads which are connected by a cord. Ultraviolet light bulbs dry shoes and disinfect it. This allows you to get rid of the odor. It is necessary to put the shoes in the dryer at night. Such a device may provide an antifungal effect.


Dryer module. It has a vertical stand with short rods. Through them in the shoes gets warm air. Such a dryer can be used right away 10 pairs. However, it consumes a lot of energy. A dry just 2 hours.

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