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How to choose a dry food dog

How to choose a dry food dog

Dry food for pets is a convenient invention. The owners do not have to think about the balance of power, about cooking, open the package and pour enough food in the bowl.

The diversity represented in the feed market, often introduces confusion by inexperienced owners who are trying to pick up a diet for your pet.

Food must be fresh, not expiredshelf. This feed does not crumbs, has a neutral odor or smell of bread should not smell sour. It is advisable to buy food in closed containers, and not by weight. In the production of the air packs removed and replaced with nitrogen, so food retains its freshness for a long time, and the public quickly deteriorates and dampen.
Carefully read the package and choose the powerjust for your dog. If you have a German Shepherd puppy, choose a diet for large breed puppies, and if you have a puppy of Yorkshire terrier, buy food for puppies or small breeds Mini. They differ in grain size, and the contents of various additives and mineral substances. It is convenient to choose the food for specific breeds.
If your pet suffers from somediseases, then it is also necessary to pay attention. There are medical diets for dogs that are prone to a particular disease. Medical forage, marked "Veterinary Diet" designates only the veterinarian and food for the prevention of diseases, such as hypoallergenic or sensitive digestion, you can choose your own.
The market is a huge number of different brands, butIt can be divided into four categories. Pervaya- economy class. This cheap feed, low nutrient rich in vegetable waste, soybean, animal by-products. Prolonged breast-feed this type can lead to diseases due to lack of minerals, vitamins, proteins and other substances, so feeding the dog food so regularly give her vitamins and other useful additives. To feed an economy class include such brands as "Pedigree", "Chappy", "meal". In foreign countries these brands belong to a higher class, but that product is delivered to the Russian market.
Next in quality and additives arepremium class. This is a thoughtful and balanced diet, which requires less interference in host feeding pet. It includes such popular brands of "Royal Canin", "Proplan", "Hills". Many began production on Russian territory and the quality of food has dropped considerably. Also, due to the popularity there are many fakes.
Super-premium pet food are "Eukanuba" certain types "Akan people", "Innova", "Orage" .In them have no by-products, a lot of nutrients, fully balanced diet.
Holistic-feed, generally do not have grainproducts in their composition. "Kanidae" certain types "Akan people», "Go!", "Now" is top class catering. Despite the high price, they are very nutritious, so consumption is small, and as a result come out not much more expensive feed the lower classes.

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