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How to choose a driver to your laptop

How to choose a driver to your laptop

To set up a mobile computer, you must install the appropriate drivers for many of its devices.

This process can be accomplished in several ways, the choice of which rests entirely on your shoulders.

You will need

  • - access to the Internet-
  • - Sam Drivers.



First try to find the appropriate kitsFiles on the official website of your laptop manufacturer. Most often you can find there drivers for the motherboard, graphics card and CPU. But some companies, such as the Samsung, trying to put as many drivers as possible, allowing you to choose the files to virtually any device.


After you download the appropriate drivers fromofficial website, open the menu, the properties of "My Computer" and go to the Device Manager. Right-click on the name of the equipment for which you have downloaded the appropriate set of files. Select "Update Driver Software".


When the new menu, click on the item"Install from a list or specific location." Select the folder in which you saved the downloaded files. Note that before installing the drivers, they are recommended to be removed from the archive.


If you can not find the appropriate files on the setsthe official website of the manufacturer, then download and install the utility Sam Drivers. If you downloaded the disk image that contains the program, install Daemon Tools application. Run this utility. Right-click its icon in the system tray and select "Virtual Devices".


In the pop window, select the item "Drive (nodata) "and select" Mount image ". Select the desired image file. Now run the DIA-drv.exe file from Sam Drivers. Wait for the auto-scan equipment.


Now select the checkbox those drivers kitswho need to update or install. Click "Run the job for the selected package" and an option "Typical installation". Restart the computer after the driver update process. Check the device.

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