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How to choose a street door to a private house


Warm, strong, durable - these are the main characteristics of the door for a private house.

Today, the producers identify them in a separate category and use the most advanced technologies to provide these properties.

Thermal insulation

The front door in a private house is usuallyIs installed on the border of the street and the premises. In the cold season, its external side is constantly exposed to low temperatures, the internal, on the contrary, is warm. Bad thermal insulation of the door or its complete absence leads to the accumulation of condensate inside, a snow cap, a frost, the door does not protect from the cold.
Avoid all these troubles helpsThe correct arrangement of the street door. It is important not only what material is used as a frost protection, but also according to what scheme it is installed in the door leaf. The optimal door design for a private house is a puff cake. First, the outer layer is the door panel. It can be made of wood or metal. The second layer is a heater. It is important that it be of high density. Mineral cotton wool is best suited. The third layer is the air layer. It protects the door from through freezing. Works on the principle of a multi-chamber window, when the air inside the structure does not allow the cold to penetrate into the room. The fourth layer is again a heater. The latter is a decorative inner panel.

When designing a house, the front door is better to plan a side stand, where there is less wind. This will reduce the risk of deformation due to rain.

On the contour, the door leaf must be equipped withRubber seal, which does not allow cold air to pass at the junction with the door box. The box itself must also be insulated and equipped with a threshold. Some steel producers have supplied models with an electric box heating. This is an excellent solution to protect against possible freezing in severe frosts.


Since the street entrance door is constantlyExposed to temperature changes, rainfall, ultraviolet radiation, it is subject to increased requirements for durability. The metal door must be treated with anti-corrosion coating, resistant to fading.

Over the door, you should arrange a canopy or a small vestibule. The canopy will protect the door from moisture and scorching sun, and the tambour will provide additional heat protection at home.

The most reliable is powder coating. The decorative panel made of wood is necessarily treated with moisture-repellent impregnation and paint, resistant to temperature changes. The private house is prone to some mobility, because of which poor-quality doors can warp. Therefore, the entrance door must be installed in a metal counter.

Burglary resistance

Vandalism is not the most important characteristicDoors in a private house, because there are many more convenient places for penetration, for example a window. However, for greater reliability, you can choose a strong input node. The fabric should be made of steel not thinner than 2 mm. Better if the hinges are hidden, the door itself is equipped with two locks of different types. One of them is a cylinder, the other is a lever. The modern market offers a wide variety of biometric and electronic locks, video surveillance systems, including remote, security alarms. All these are excellent ways to protect your property from hacking and penetration.

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