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How to choose a door to the street in a private house

Door - warmth and protection

Warm, strong, durable - these are the main characteristics of the door to a private home.

Today, manufacturers allocate them in a separate category, and use the most advanced technology to provide these properties.

heat insulation

The front door to a private home usuallyIt is set on the border of street and building. In cold weather, its outer side is constantly exposed to low temperatures, the interior, by contrast, is warm. Poor insulation of the door or its absence leads to the fact that accumulates inside the condensate freezes snow cap, frost, the door does not protect against the cold.
To avoid all these hassles helpsthe correct device the street door. It is important not only that material which is used as a protection against freezing, but also by a circuit installed in the door leaf. Optimal design of the door to a private home is a layer cake. First, the outer layer - a door panel. It can be made of wood or metal. The second layer - a heater. It is important that it be a high density ratio. Best suited pressed mineral wool. The third layer - the layer of air. It protects the door from freezing through. It operates on the principle of a multichamber window when the air inside the structure does not penetrate into the cold room. The fourth layer - insulation again. Last - decorative interior panel.

When designing a house, the door to better plan stand side, where there is less wind. This will reduce the risk of deformation due to rain.

On the contour of the door leaf must be equipped withrubber seal, which does not let the cold air at the junction with the door duct. Box itself must also be insulated and equipped with a threshold. Some manufacturers began to supply the model with electric heating ducts. It is the perfect solution to protect against possible freezing in extreme cold.


Since the street door constantlysubjected to temperature changes, effects of precipitation, ultraviolet radiation, it increased demands on durability. Metal door should be treated with anti-corrosion coating, resistant to fading.

Above the door should organize a canopy or a small vestibule. Canopy will protect the door from humidity and scorching sun, and the vestibule provides additional thermal protection at home.

The most reliable considers powder coating. Decorative panel of wood necessarily processed vlagoottalkivayuschey impregnation and paint, resistant to temperature extremes. Private house is prone to some mobility due to a poor-quality doors may skew. Therefore, the front door should be installed in a metal kontrrame.

Burglar Resistance

Vandal-proof - not the most important characteristicdoors in a private home, as there is a lot more convenient places to penetrate, such as windows. However, you can choose a strong input node for greater reliability. The cloth should be made of steel of 2 mm is not thinner. It is better if the hinges are hidden, the door itself is equipped with two different types of locks. One cylinder, the other - lever. The modern market offers a great variety of biometric and electronic locks, video surveillance systems, including remote, burglar alarms. Mark is a great way to protect your property from breaking and entering.

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