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How to choose a door lock

How to choose a door lock

No matter how high-quality, robust and reliable nor was the door, protection from foreign penetration depends on the door lock.

In addition, the right choice of door lock ensures easy opening and closing of the door.

To choose a really good gear, you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of various kinds.

What are door locks

The most good and easy to useconsidered to be the so-called lever door locks. The principle of protection against hacking here is strong latching in the closed position by means of special locking elements - levers. Opt for lever door lock, keep in mind that too large a number of locking elements substantially increases the width of the device, which considerably complicates its installation in a ready-made door.

From the number of levers is directly dependent door lock reliability and resistance to attempts to open the door with the help of various master keys.

Cylinder door locks are equipped with built-incylindrical core shape with levers available to it, the number of which may range, depending on the model of the lock, from 3 to 6 units. Despite the resistance of the door lock cylinder to the master key is to protect the device against tampering with physical manipulation is only possible by the installation of special steel plates on the inner and outer side of the door.
Smartloki Door locks, or, as they arecalled smart locks are special digital devices that operate on the principle of intercom and do not involve the use of keys. Determination of the home owner may be using a set of digital code, scan the retina or fingerprint identification.

Smartloki though are quite reliable door locks, high cost of these devices often causes the buyer to make a choice in favor of other, cheaper models.

Door lock: Mortise, bill, or hinged

When choosing a door lock it should be considered and the way in which the device is attached to the door. There are only three types of fixing door locks, each of which has its pluses and minuses.
The most popular are mortise doorlocks, fastening which is due to the product infeed into the inside of the door leaf. Mortise lock protects the house against burglary, but the mechanical properties of doors in the area of ​​its location, usually several weaken. The disadvantage of using mortise door lock and is considered to be a fairly time-consuming process of installation.
Overhead door locks are usually used forfurther protect the house from break-in and installed most often paired with cut devices. The disadvantage plated door lock is considered that it can not be installed on a steel door that does not have special sections and departments.
In spite of the high strength core andincluded in the design of mechanisms to padlocks, called these devices the best and most reliable possible. The fact that padlocks mean a full or partial separation of the door leaf, so to disrupt them using physical force, or all sorts of devices is quite real.

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