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How to choose a dishwasher


How to choose a dishwasher</a>

Modern dishwashers have many functions.

To properly choose such a machine, you need to decide what options you need, and without which you can quite do.

Energy efficiency and spaciousness

The first thing you need to pay attention to whenBuying a dishwasher, this is energy efficiency. The ability of the device to save water and electricity depends on it. If you have a large family and you often use a dishwasher, you should choose a device with a large load, for example, from Samsung. They are quite noiseless and economical in their work. If you live alone, use the machine seldom and wash at the same time not a large number of dishes, or if you do not have free space in your kitchen, choose a device not of large dimensions, for example, Bosch, Proline, etc. They use very little water and Well save electricity.

Machine parts

Pay attention to moving parts,Located at the bottom of the dishwasher. Try to make a choice in favor of devices in which these parts are made of stainless steel. They tend to have high strength, provide a good head of water, which, in turn, also provides savings on its consumption.

Number of tiers

Note the number of tiers (baskets),Intended for placing dishes. Most often there are cars with two or three tiers. When choosing a device for this parameter, you need to be guided by the volume of work for it. The more dishes you wash, the more space in the car for it you will need to have. In addition, there are dishwashers with adjustable tiers. Baskets in such machines are regulated in height, which allows you to place in them large dishes, for example, pots or pans.

Water purity sensor

Some dishwashers have a sensorPurity of water. Such a sensor controls the state of water after each rinse and wash cycle. This is a very useful feature, it allows you to wash the dishes until the water used is completely clean. In addition, if you select one of the long washing programs, it will be interrupted prematurely if the sensor detects that the water is already clean. This, in turn, also makes the car economical. Different models of dishwashers have different principles of operation of this sensor. In some, it is automatically turned on during washing, in others it is manually started by software.


When choosing a dishwasher, remember that eachAn additional function will increase its cost. Overpaying makes sense only for those of them that you are really going to use. At the same time, the life of this device on average is 7 to 12 years, your costs for this time can well pay off.

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