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How to Choose a dishwasher

How to Choose a dishwasher

Modern dishwashers have a large number of functions.

In order to properly choose a car, you need to decide which option you want, and no, you can do well.

Energy efficiency and capacity

The first thing to consider whenpurchase dishwasher is energy efficiency. It affects the ability of the device to save water and electricity. If you have a large family and you have used a dishwasher, you should select a device with a large load, for example, the Samsung company. They are fairly quiet and economical operation. If you live alone, use the machine infrequently, and wash without a large number of dishes, or if you do not have space in your kitchen, choose the device is not large, for example, the Bosch companies, Proline, and others. They use very little water and well save electricity.

machine components

Pay attention to the moving parts,located at the bottom of the dishwasher. Try to opt for a device in which these parts are made of stainless steel. They tend to have high strength, provide good water pressure, which, in turn, saves it for consumption.

Number of levels

Pay attention to the number of tiers (baskets)designed to accommodate dishes. Most often, there are machines having two or three layers. If you choose this option the device, should be guided by the volume of forthcoming works for him. The more you wash the dishes, the more space in the car under it will need to have. In addition, there are dishwashers with adjustable tiers. Baskets in such machines are height adjustable, allowing you to place them in a large bowl, for example, pots or pans.

water purity sensor

Some dishwashers have a sensorwater purity. This sensor monitors the water after each rinse cycle and dishwashing. This is a very useful feature, it allows you to wash the dishes until the used water is completely clean. In addition, if you choose one of the long washing programs, it will be terminated ahead of time, if the sensor will record that the water is clean. This, in turn, makes the machine economical. Different models of dishwashers have different principles of operation of the sensor. In some, it is automatically activated during the wash cycle, in his other start-up is carried out manually, by software.


Choosing a dishwasher, remember that eachAdditional function will increase its value. Overpay only makes sense for those who you really are going to use. At the same time the service life of the device an average of 7 to 12 years, your costs during this time may well pay off.

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