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How to choose an antenna

How to choose an antenna

If you decide to choose a good satelliteantenna, pay attention to the basic parameters that will directly affect the quality of the received signal, and then either justify or not justify the funds invested in the antenna.

To choose a good quality antenna, follow the simple guidelines in this manual.



First of all, define, as part of areception antenna will operate a satellite system. Before selecting an antenna answer a few questions: what kind of TV you interesuyut- if possible to arrange the antenna so that the satellite signal does not overlap with foreign predmetami- you want to watch one satellite or neskolko- how much you are willing to spend on the antenna.


Select the size of the future antenna. your antenna diameter will depend on the power of the received signal. That is, select the antenna diameter, depending on the geographical area in which you are. It is best to contact the company, whose services you want to use, and learn there, what kind of antenna diameter is required for the adoption of the signal in your area. The following are exemplary signal power ratio and the diameter of the antenna.
Power (dbW) 53? diameter (m)? 0.6
48? of 8

45? 1.1

42? 1.5

40? 1.8


Select the shape of the future antenna. Antennas are offset and direct focal.
Direct focal? this is a common dish, converter which is mounted in the center with the help of needles. In winter, the mirror of such an antenna can fall freezes ice and snow, this has deteriorated the quality of signal reception.
Offset antenna? these are the antenna, the focus of which is shifted down from the mirror, so they can be easily cleaned.


Select the correct type of suspension of the antenna. Azimuth suspension? is such that the antenna is firmly fixed at the suspension of the antenna is tuned to a single satellite. Polar? more expensive and provides the setting for some moons.


Select the material of which will be madeantenna. The most popular material? is aluminum, it is easy and cheap, but soft, it is easy to damage and deformation of such antennas is very bad effect on the quality of signal reception.
Antennas steel is stronger and cheaper, but they are heavy and subject to corrosion, so the choice of such an antenna, pay attention to the quality of her painting.
Plastic? very light, but so quickly it adheres snow.
Net? Lightweight and comfortable, they are almost invisible and do not spoil the landscape, but the quality of the signals they receive is poor.


In that case if you select an antenna forcar, it is better to give preference to passive TV antenna, install it better on the roof or in the wing. Select the antenna properly and enjoy a good quality picture.

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