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How to choose a diaper rash cream for baby

How to choose a diaper rash cream for baby

Intertrigo occur most often in newborns.

To save the crumbs from the discomfort, redness, it is necessary to use special ointments and creams for the prevention and treatment of irritation.

These funds will help soothe baby's skin, relieve itching and inflammation.

Traditionally, diaper rash appear in foldsdelicate baby skin. They can occur due to excessive sweating, skin contact with urine or too tight clothing. To help the baby to forget about the discomfort, it is necessary to properly care for the skin and use protective cream on diaper rash.

What should be the cream on diaper rash

Diaper rash cream from you can create on the skinChild-repellent barrier that protects the epidermis from exposure to urine, feces. Apply a remedy for redness is necessary each time you change the diaper or diaper, the skin before applying the cream should be thoroughly cleaned, the substitution of a child or using wipes.
In a cream for protection and treatment of diaper rashnewborns traditionally contains herbal extracts. This series, chamomile, calendula, has beneficial effects on skin regeneration. Herbs soothes irritated epidermis, relieve burning, itching.
Eliminate the cause of the baby anxiety helpproven barrier creams - "D-panthenol," "Desitin", "Bepanten", "Drapolen" and others. Effectively affect the baby's skin covered diaper rash ointment with zinc oxide, which has a water repellent effect.

What to consider when buying a cream from diaper rash

Particular attention in the selection of diaper rash creamthe baby should be given to the composition. Cosmetic means should be as safe for a child's health, so it is not necessary to experiment and to buy creams with lots of preservatives, fragrances. The tool should enable the skin to "breathe".
Without detracting from the counter, check whether the composition of the cream ingredients to which the baby has an allergy. Ideally, choose a cream from diaper rash is necessary after consulting a doctor.
Use funds from diaper rash is necessaryconstantly, in order to achieve a stable effect. And most importantly, it is not necessary to combine the application of an ointment or cream with powder. Talc strongly dries the skin, resulting in the child's diaper rash may appear again. Take frequent, air baths, to win redness. Improve the condition of the baby will also help the herbal bath.
When buying cream from diaper rash did not forgetcheck the expiration date, as well as the retention rules. Usually, children's cosmetics require storage in a dark and cool place, you can remove the tube in a cabinet or fridge, tighten the cap after each use.

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