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How to choose a deodorant for gym

How to choose a deodorant for gym

For fitness should select special deodorants.

They should prevent odor, but at the same time not prevent sweating.

Selecting deodorant sports

Modern perfume and cosmeticsindustry produces a huge amount of deodorants and antiperspirants. Not all of these products are suitable for sports. Before going to the gym you need to choose the right in all respects deodorant and use it before training.
For fitness categorically do not fitdeodorants, antiperspirants. These products contain substances that clog the pores, which ultimately hinders sweating. During the Exercise, it is unacceptable. Sweat helps cool the body in the commission of physical activity and the selection causes the execution of the thermoregulatory mechanisms. Together with the sweat from the body toxins out. Antiperspirants block sweat, disrupting the flow of natural processes.
For the sports hall should be selecteddeodorants, whose operation is based on the presence in their structure of substances with antimicrobial properties. This allows the skin to stay longer clean and fresh. The presence of anti-inflammatory and wound-healing components of the deodorant makes more efficient.
For fitness, it is desirable to choosedeodorant, odorless or with a very light fresh scent. Too much perfume will be unnecessarily intrusive. Their heavy scent can trigger allergies and cause resentment among others.
People with sensitive skin should choose hypoallergenic deodorants are designed to care for delicate skin.

Release form and composition of deodorants

Choosing a deodorant in a store, you need to carefullystudy the composition of each agent. Preference is given to those cosmetic products that do not contain alcohol and aluminum salts. These substances are quite harmful and may cause allergic reactions.
Some manufacturers of perfumes and cosmeticsProduct release deodorants designed specifically for fitness, as well as for those people who lead a very active lifestyle. By purchasing these tools, you can be sure that they meet all the above requirements.
For sport is better to buy deodorant in the form of a gel, deo, deo-stick, deo-cream. Aerosols are considered to be less effective and may not be suitable for people who prefer an active lifestyle.

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