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How to choose a course of early childhood development

How to choose a course of early childhood development

At the present time it is becoming more popular visiting early development courses where mom withdrawn kids from an early age.

By the choice of courses should be taken responsibly, so that the child has received from the sessions maximum benefit.

Selection of early school development

Recently, almost every Russiancity ​​schools began to appear early development. Classes are conducted in these schools are intended for the youngest children. These courses are paid. They must choose carefully to the kid in the classroom acquired necessary skills and got some knowledge.
The cost of visiting different schools earlyDevelopment is about the same. Need be guided first and foremost on the program of activities, as well as professional and personal qualities of teachers. Preference should be given precisely to those schools where classes are taught by professionals with higher education and psychological education. Unfortunately, many institutions pay attention to the situation in the classroom, on the quality of supplies, but picked the wrong teachers.
The atmosphere in the classroom is certainly veryimportant. But the abundance of toys in the public domain distracts kids from school. For extremely active kids it can be a hindrance to learning.
All courses have different early development programs. Occupation must include outdoor games, exercises to develop fine motor skills, painting, sculpting. To understand how the program is suited to the kid, you need to visit one session and see how the child will behave, how interesting it will be in the team, how closely it will listen to the teacher.
Courses can be selected early development andBased on reviews that leave parents of other kids at different sites. You can also ask around your friends. Perhaps someone has already led her child in a school and can express their opinion about it.

FYI Early Learning courses

Start walking in the early development of the school can bealready 11 months. As a rule, teachers divide all children into several groups. The basis of division are differences based on age. Choosing between an older and a younger age group, it is better to give preference to the group, where children are taught the older the child reached for studying children there.
The optimal frequency of visits - 2 timesweek. In order to bring the maximum benefit classes, parents need to repeat the material covered in the home. Some children are embarrassed to perform certain exercises in the courses, and the home happy repeated for all adults.

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