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How to choose a countertop made of artificial stone

How to choose a countertop made of artificial stone

The appearance and life of the working surfaces largely depends on the material from which they are made. This also applies to kitchen countertops.

Among the materials used for their manufacture, special attention should be given artificial stone, wherein the practicality, durability and wear resistance.

Artificial stone is a compositematerial. It includes acrylic resin and organic filler, which is used as white clay. He produced a polymer glue and colored granules, allowing to simulate the composition of natural stone. Previously worktop produced from artificial stone, considered one of the luxuries. Today, it is available to every agent makes life easier for the owner of the kitchen. In the manufacture of artificial stone countertops such glued plywood serving as the basis for the top.

What to look for when choosing an artificial stone countertops

Countertops made of stone represented at the presentmarket in a variety of colors. To the touch, they are smooth and warm, which is not the natural stone. To subsequently upset the type of scratches that may appear on the surface at any time, if you select should give preference to light worktops with medium and coarse fractions. On a dark glossy top scratches much more noticeable.
The cheaper this worktop, the less ductileand more brittle the material used in its manufacture. From cheaper artificial stone is most often made straight countertops, as because it is almost impossible to create curved shapes.
One of the main advantages of artificialStone is the lack of visible joints when connecting countertops. It is worth to pay attention even when choosing a stamp, as some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of the product, do not fulfill requirements to compounds of the technical requirements. Because of this worktop unstuck at joints, whereby it becomes unusable.
The thickness of the artificial stone countertops canvary between 2 to 7 cm. But it must be remembered that, the thicker the veneer, the more expensive it will be very worktop. With respect to its width, it must conform to the depth of the kitchen cabinets. If desired, you can select and wider, but in this case it will act on the facades of the kitchen.

Advantages of countertops made of artificial stone

Artificial stone has a highductility. It allows you to create from it a variety of bent shapes that are essential for kitchens with radius facades. Countertops made of stone such eco-friendly, not afraid of water, as well as chemical-resistant and durable. The cracks formed on the surface of the strong shock, or chips can be easily repaired. Due to the absence of pores in the artificial stone, on a plate of it does not appear harmful molds and fungi.
Caring for a countertop is easy and simple. For this enough to wipe the surface with a soft cloth dipped in soapy water. Instead of soap, you can use any means for dishwashing, of which does not include abrasive particles.

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