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How to choose a cordless iron

How to choose a cordless iron

Cordless irons are very convenient because they can even be ironed great things, without fear that the cord is entangled or twisted, and bring an ironing board closer to the outlet does not have to.

A variety of such models is huge, so even a person who chooses a thing of the mid-market, will be able to evaluate dozens of different devices.

The main parameters of wireless irons

Cordless irons are complemented by specialStand. The essence of their work is simple: you need to put the iron on the stand, when plugged in, wait a little, until warmed sole, and then ironed. When the iron has cooled down, you need to put it on again, "charged." When choosing a device, pay attention to warm-up and cooling down of the sole. Some models have to return to the stand every 30-40 seconds and wait 10 seconds until the iron reaches the desired temperature. Others can operate without "recharging" within 2-3 minutes. The more and more you have to iron, so it is more convenient for you to be the second option.

Remember that the higher the power of wireless iron, the more expensive it is. It is important to find a compromise between convenience and price.

Some irons can be converted from a wirelessto wired and back due to the special design. If you want to buy a model 2 in 1, this is the perfect option for you. Also pay attention to the peculiarities of the stand: some models, alas, do not allow the audio signal, and it can be annoying. If you fear that you will forget to return the iron in place for warm, pilikane device will be most welcome. Those who annoy other sounds, it is better to look for a quiet model.

More nuances, are worth paying attention to

Some wireless irons are complemented functionvaporization. If you plan to steam things or iron difficult to care for fabric, give preference to this option. Steamer cost more than conventional wireless model, but it will be more functional.

It is important that the steam iron has a self-cleaning Wi-sole and a special system that prevents ingress of large water droplets on the fabric.

Pay attention to the feature set. You can come in handy iron and ironing dry mode, vertical steam, intelligent adjustment to the type of fabric, antiscale. The more functions of the device, the more expensive it is, therefore, important to choose the options that you really need. Read reviews from other customers to make a decision was easier.
If you prefer the steam model,note the presence of adjusting the amount of steam, as well as self-cleaning button, when pressed, resets all the steam out of the system. These additional features make it easier to use wireless iron.

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