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How to choose a home conditioner


How to choose a home conditioner</a>

Why a modern man in the summer in his ownThe house is exhausted from heat and stuffiness, and in the winter to freeze, if it is possible to get such useful household appliances, as the conditioner, and to regulate temperature of air?

However, before buying, you should know in advance how to choose the right air conditioner.

What to look for when choosingConditioner? A little paraphrasing the famous phrase of the great combinator Ostap Bender about the car, you can say: "Air conditioning is not a luxury, but a means for a comfortable life." The efficiency of the air conditioner directly depends on its power. From a too weak device will be of little use, but too powerful will consume too much electricity for nothing. The power of the air conditioner depends, first of all, on the area of ​​the room. Remember the simple formula: P = S / 10, where P is the required capacity of the air conditioner in kilowatts, and S is the area of ​​the room where it is planned to be installed in square meters. For example, you want to equip an air-conditioned living room with an area of ​​24 square meters, in this case you need a device with an approximate power of 2.4 kW. However, this is only an approximate calculation. The fact is that the required power of the air conditioner depends on some other factors. For example, from the orientation of the windows of the apartment on the sides of the horizon, from the floor where it is located and some other factors. What should the device do: just cool or still warm? The air conditioner, which works only for cooling, is much cheaper than a reversible device, complete with a heat pump. This should be taken into account when choosing a model. If you are limited in finances, it is better to purchase a model only for cooling, and before the onset of the cold season, properly insulate the windows. If you are not short of money, you can not only buy a reversible air conditioner that can cool and heat the air, but also choose a model with an effective cleaning system. Such a device is more reliable, durable. Check out the air conditioner models and reviews. Gather information about manufacturers, and specific models. Be sure to read reviews of customers about a particular device, modifications, get information from friends, acquaintances. In addition, you can find out the characteristics of the product from sales consultants in the home appliances store. It will also help you make the right choice. Do not install the air conditioner by yourself! Even if you justly consider yourself a master of all trades, it is better to install and configure a complex home appliance to a specialist. This fully applies to the air conditioner. Especially when installing a certified company you will get a guarantee not only for the device, but also for their operation.

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