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How to choose a suitable sling

Sling refers to one of the oldest devices for carrying a child.

Psychologists proved that the young child must be located on the mother's hands, to feel her warmth.

The baby in a sling is in a natural position, with my mother remain free hand.

Sling with rings

Sling on the rings is a strip. Fabric length from 1.5 to 3.5 meters and a width of 50-80 cm At one end sewn up 2 rings, and the other end - the "tail", are threaded through the rings. This sling just sew itself.


Sling is convenient for use with ringsfeeding a child, from it we can easily shift the child in a crib, it is enough to remove the sling itself, and the baby left inside the fabric. Also nesomennnym advantage is the fact that the situation of the child can be quickly changed in a sling with the rings.

The disadvantage of such a sling is the uneven load distribution - the entire weight falls on one shoulder.

Very young children can be carried in a sling in the "cradle" position, the older children to plant vertically.

It is used for children from birth and conditionally up to 3 years, but in practice it rarely uses it longer the first 6 months of life a baby, moving then to the more convenient types of slings.


Sling-scarf is made of woven orknitted fabric length from 2.2 to 6 meters. To use a woven sling jacquard and twill weave. Woven sling best fits your baby back and evenly distributes the load by a diagonal weave. Knitted sling is designed to carry children weighing up to 10 kg, with a greater weight as he stretched and will not provide adequate support for the child's back.


The baby sling is sitting with wide spread and bent legs, which reduces the load on the spine. This is especially important for children who can not sit.

Sling-scarf is ideal for long walks with your baby. All this time the child is in close tactile contact with his mother. This type of sling is most convenient, and since ancient times many peoples of the world are in this way carrying children.

A child can be privyazt not only in front, but the rear side.


May-sling is a hybrid sling and"kangaroo". Another of his name - Asian sling. It is a square or rectangular piece of fabric to which are sewn long straps on the top and bottom short. The lower strap tied behind my mother, and put on the upper shoulders, crisscross behind and withdrawn forward, tying a booty child.


May-sling ispolzvat better for children from 4 months eh, which already strong enough spin. This type of sling easy to wear, it is easy to carry the child behind.

Often May to complement the slings pocket and decorated with embroidery.


Ergoryukzak - an advanced form ofMay-sling, it is often confused with "kangaroo", but it does not have this device is nothing in common. In it a child sitting with legs wide apart, as in other types of slings. It is recommended to wear it children from 4 months, and even better than those that are already sitting on their own, because ergoryukzake quite difficult to track optimally fit the child.


Ergoryukzak complement hood thatunfastened or hidden in a pocket. It is convenient to fix the head of a sleeping baby. On the straps of a backpack worn "sucking" pads, which are very fond of biting his kids, if they have teething.

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