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How to choose a coffee

How to choose a coffee

For coffee lovers, now fallen on hard times. Previously, the problem was total deficit, now the whole thing in a huge variety of goods.

On the shelves of supermarkets, represented by a huge number of brands of coffee and a bit hard to choose correctly.

Nevertheless, here are some guidelines to help cope with the problem of selection of coffee.

choose coffee from this very hot country.

mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1 "> 3.&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp- Also pay attention to the degree of roasting coffee. Today on the packages began to render a kind of scale roasting. The stronger browned coffee, so it is stronger. If the coffee is overcooked, the finished beverage will have a sour taste, it is a significant deviation from the condition.

mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1″>5.&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp- Price, this is not the factor that helps select coffee. The price of the drink may depend on the party and the yield of one sort or another. So do not look for the high cost of the product.

mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1 "> 7.&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp-&nbsp- If you buy coffee in specialized stores, where it immediately melyat for you, is to monitor the quality of grain. The grains must be whole and chocolate brown. After the coffee grind should be folded into a paper bag. If the package will be in bold, then you're in luck with the coffee.

Coffee is a kind of drink, and many arein no small psychological dependence on it. True gourmets know that coffee is a cult. Keep it should be in sealed glass jars. Boil it better in Turku or extractor. And enjoy your kofepitiya.

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