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How to choose a club for growth


How to choose a club for growth</a>

To correctly choose a hockey stick, you need to take into account not only the player's growth, but also his role: attacker or defender, as well as a number of other parameters.

For goalkeepers, special clubs are made. It is of great importance how a person is more comfortable to keep a sports projectile - this is called a grip, it can be left and right.

A hook bend will be made in a convenient direction.

Of great importance is the material from which the stick is made.



Choose the length of the stick, guided by the growthPlayer. If you put it vertically, then the handle should be approximately between the nose and the chin. This measurement is made without taking into account the height of the skates, according to the usual height of the person.


If you choose a stick that fits allParameters, but it is a little longer than you need, then just file it so that it is perfect for a person's growth. Still, try to choose a projectile, as suitable as possible for a hockey player, since if you cut down part of the handle, then its stiffness increases. This parameter affects the game characteristics.


Choose a stick in accordance with the grip thatPlays hockey player - he is left or right, depending on what hand the owner of the club is located below. If a person has never played and does not know his grip, for example, if you buy a stick to a child, then to determine it, ask the hockey player to take the mop with both hands. The hand that is at the bottom determines the side of the grip.


Essential moment when choosing a stick isHook bending shape. If the stick is chosen for the child, then the very first can be bought even without bending at all. So it quickly becomes clear which hand to play it is more convenient, and also, there will be time to wait until the child himself is determined with his role. The bend determines a lot of technical issues: driving, throwing, transferring the puck. Depending on the technique, the athletes choose to bend under themselves, guided by the preferred style of the game.


In addition to size, a big role in choosing a convenientPutter plays the material from which it is made. There are wooden models, there are plastic and carbon fiber. The most expensive and high-quality - from composite materials. This shell features high strength and constant game characteristics. The disadvantage of composite sticks is only one: they are very expensive.

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