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How to choose a cigar


How to choose a cigar</a>

There comes a time when many smokers of ordinary cigarettes want to try to smoke a cigar. After all, a person with a cigar looks important, businesslike, and besides, the process of smoking a cigar is fascinating.

Those who have long been smoking cigars, know the best grades and brands of these products, their price and quality.

But what about the one who wants to taste cigars for the first time?

You will need

  • Different grades of cigars



All Cigars Are made according to various recipes. Good, quality Cigars Will be quite expensive. All Cigars Are divided into two types: the product of manual twisting and the product of machine twisting. Manual production of cigars is very appreciated. Such Cigars Made with a soul, are twisted from whole leaves of tobacco, so they are the most expensive. Cigars, made on the machines, are cut tobacco, twisted with a machine. The price of Cigars Can strongly fluctuate, but we advise you to buy all the same expensive Cigars.

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The largest countries that occupy the leading positions in the cigar market are Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Cuban Cigars Have a stronger taste. They have a rich and bright flavor. Not all beginners are suitable for these Cigars.

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Cigars in the form of classified into straight and curly. Smoking curly Cigars, You will feel that their taste changes from a mild flavor to a stronger flavor. A direct cigar smokes easily, because during smoking the taste remains the same without changes. By diameter, all Cigars Divided into thin, medium and thick Cigars. It should be noted that thick cigars have a very rich taste.

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When choosing Cigars Pay attention to its appearance. Colour Cigars Should be even, without large green spots. If they are, you know, this is a substandard product.

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