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How to choose a Christmas tree for the Red Square


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Christmas tree for Red Square - this is the main Christmas decoration of the whole country. Her choice is approached with special attention.

Fir must meet certain standards, because the mood of such long-awaited and beloved winter holidays depends on the appearance of the green beauty.

Celebrating the New Year in Russia has a glorioustraditions. At the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries, the famous reformer, Tsar Peter, approved by decree the decree to celebrate the New Year on the night of January 1 and decorate the houses with spruce, pine and juniper branches.
Decades passed, and instead of twigs appearedThe custom of setting living spruce for this holiday. They were decorated with wooden toys, sweets, nuts and fruits. For the first time at the celebration of the new 1850, fir-trees began to be decorated with glass beads.
The first Soviet Christmas tree in 1937 was shot at hundredsPhotos and sent to all corners of the country. It is from this year that the country's main tree is invariably set on Red Square on the eve of New Year's holidays.

Where in Moscow comes the green beauty

Every year in the main square of the countryLush green beauty. Her choice is an extremely important matter. It is chosen according to the strictest standards, and it is mainly about the quality of spruce wood: the spruce should adorn the area for 3 weeks at temperature differences. A tree with high quality wood will not be pricked with needles for a long time.
A "green" beauty is chosen for decorationRed Square in the forests near Veliky Ustyug, which is considered the birthplace of Santa Claus, in the Moscow region of Klin or Naro-Fominsk. A suitable tree experts select in the summer and it conforms to the following standards:
- The height of the tree - from 28 to 30 meters-
- Girth of the barrel - 70 cm-
- The sweep of the lower branches is 3 meters.
In this selection, young trees can not participate, so a New Year tree is established on the square, which is no less than 100 years old.

Setting the New Year symbol

Tree felling is traditionally accompanied by wiresForest beauties into the city. It is delivered to Moscow on a special road train. On the square, a team of installers installs a multi-meter tree in a special concrete structure so that the wind can not knock it down.
After installation begins festive decoration. The Christmas tree on the Red Square is decorated with thousands of glass toys - balls, bows, silver bells. To top it off, a garland of lights representing the colors of the Russian flag is hung around the branches, its length is more than a kilometer. Next to the elegant spruce is an ice rink, ice sculptures are installed. All days of the Christmas holidays here are colorful folk festivals and concerts.
A merry holiday New Year can not do withoutIts traditional symbol. A richly decorated spruce tree is set on Red Square near GUM and gives a countdown to a happy and carefree Christmas vacation.

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