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How to choose a children's telescope


How to choose a children's telescope</a>

If your child is keen on astronomyAnd asks to give him a telescope, it's time to think about supporting the child's hobbies. "Adult" telescopes are quite expensive, and a children's telescope usually costs a little less. Despite this, he will provide a young astrologer with a great opportunity to observe the sky, learn a lot of new and unknown.

In addition, children's telescopes are capable of capturing not only the child, but also his parents.



Do not rush to the most expensive and "heaped up"Models. Start with the simple. Let it be a simple children's telescope, in which you and your child can easily understand. If your child has long loved astronomy, then it's time to discuss the purchase of a professional telescope for the child.


Look into the lens. The principle of choosing a telescope for a child is simple: the details of objects are directly proportional to the size of the lens of the lens. The lenses of all telescopes are measured in millimeters and inches. Large lenses will open the eyes of the body and nebula invisible to the eyes.


The size of the eyepiece is associated with the increase of the telescope. For a child, the telescope with an increase of more than 10 times, the telescope with an increase from 45 times, can be bestowed to a senior pupil. The latter will give an opportunity to see near the moon.


Take a children's telescope with a Barlow lens in the kit. It is installed in front of the eyepiece, and the telescope magnification increases 2 times.


As the first children's telescope, it is optimal to choose a 40-90-ml refractor telescope, higher figures make the cost of children's telescopes higher.


Children's telescopes are not just a lightweight and simplified version of an adult professional telescope. Children's telescopes are also safe for use by young astronomers!

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