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How to choose a child's bedroom

How to choose a child's bedroom

Bedroom for a child to be comfortable and safe.

Choose a high-quality and multi-functional furniture, which can be transformed, adapting to the child's age and needs.

It is important and the color scheme of the room, as well as additional accessories that will complete the interior.

Furniture for the little ones

Needs small baby - he needsa comfortable bed, a chest of drawers or wardrobe and changing table. But the kid a little older needs its own room, combining a bedroom and playroom. Choosing a child's environment, consider the age and needs of the child. Do not buy "adult" furniture is better to choose tables and beds-transformers, which will grow with your child.
In stores you can find changing tables,which later transformed into a desk and chest of drawers and shelves, which can "build on" the desired height. A very useful thing - children's wardrobe small. The kid can hang himself and lay out their clothes, learning to maintain order in the room. In the nursery is to put a small table and chairs. Choose plastic products - they are easy to clean, keep their attractive appearance. Toys, books, crafts, and other necessary things to keep handy built-in cabinet or on open racks, shelves which can get everything you need without assistance.
Kids are not recommended to sleep on the fold-outsofas. To form a correct posture need a good bed with orthopedic mattress moderate hardness. A very convenient option - a bed with built-in drawers, in which you can put toys. If you plan to buy a sofa for games, choose a model with a removable cover - so you can maintain cleanliness in the room with no problems.
Child psychologists recommend not to get involvedtoo bright colors - the kids get tired of many colors. Prefer deep shades that can be combined with a pastel palette. Looks wonderful combination of blue with a blue and sunny yellow, purple and pink and grass green - with beige and cream.

Do not get involved too colorful drawings - required color in a variety of children's toys provide.

Bedroom for older children

Your child went to school? It is worth thinking about upgrading his bedroom. In addition to the cabinet and the bed, it will need a convenient desktop or desk. Complete its rack or a bookcase, and a comfortable chair with a seat height.
The girl's room is to put a smalldressing table with mirror. You do not have to buy furniture sets. It is enough to withstand the items in the same style - classic, rustic or romantic.

Not bad supplement bedroom interior small exercise equipment - Wall bars, bar, swings and a mini-trampoline.

Choosing furniture for the nursery, noteits safety. The certificate of conformity to confirm that the manufacture of furniture does not use toxic materials. It is advisable to select tables and chests of drawers with rounded corners - the kid can not get hurt accidentally hit them.

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