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How to choose a Chihuahua

How to choose a Chihuahua

Chihuahua - a miniature dog, which became very popular in the big cities.

These animals are easily kept in apartments, they do not require daily walks, short hair rarely sheds.



To choose a healthy puppy chihuahua, pay attention to the condition of his eyes, nose, ears. There should be no discharge, the baby's eyes should be clear, shiny nose - wet and cold.


Count how many puppies in the litter. Chihuahua - very small dogs, and my mother is quite difficult to bear and bring up a large number of puppies. Choose litters where they were two or three. If the puppies more - some of them are definitely malnourished in the womb, and remained without milk, were born. These Chihuahua subsequently can hurt a lot.


Choosing a puppy, pay attention to his behavior. Drop the keys on the floor or a pen. If the kid was scared, whined, ran away - do not take it. These puppies have too excitable nervous system under stress, they can start to urinate, bark loudly or stop taking orders from the master.


Chihuahua - dogs are very fragile. Puppies are especially prone to injury, feet and tail. Look, babe Do not lame, if the tail licks. Fractures at such a young age can seriously affect the dog's exterior. Damaged paw can remain shorter than the others, and the tail - curl.


If you choose a dog for shows, lookthe smallest puppy in the litter. In Chihuahua growth - one of the main points of the exterior. The smaller the adult dog, the more chances it has to take prize-winning places.


Select bitch chihuahua or cable - you decide. In any case, if you are not going to breed puppies, the dog will have spayed or neutered. So you will avoid diseases of internal genital organs pet.

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