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How to choose a Chihuahua


How to choose a Chihuahua</a>

Chihuahua is a miniature dog that has become very popular in megacities.

These animals are easy to keep in apartments, they do not require daily walks, short wool rarely sheds.



To choose a healthy chihuahua puppy, pay attention to the state of his eyes, nose, ears. There should not be excretions, the eyes of the baby should be clear, shiny, the nose - wet and cold.


Count how many puppies are in the litter. Chihuahua are very small dogs, and it is quite difficult for mom to take out and feed a large number of puppies. Choose litters, where there are two or three. If there are more puppies, one of them has lost enough nutrition in the womb and left without milk, having appeared in the world. Such chihuahua may later get sick a lot.


When choosing a puppy, pay attention to his behavior. Drop the keys or the handle on the floor. If the kid was scared, whimpered, ran away - do not take it. Such puppies have a too excitable nervous system, in a state of stress, they can begin to urinate, bark loudly, or stop perceiving the orders of the host.


Chihuahua - very fragile dogs. Puppies are especially prone to paw and tail injuries. See if the baby is limping, whether the tail is licking. Fractures at such a young age can seriously affect the appearance of the dog. The damaged paw may remain shorter than the rest, and the tail may curl.


If you choose a dog for exhibitions, look forThe smallest puppy in the litter. In Chihuahua, growth is one of the main points of the exterior. The smaller the adult dog, the more chances it will have to win prizes.


Choosing a bitch or a Chihuahua cable is up to you. In any case, if you are not going to breed puppies, the dog will have to be sterilized or neutered. So you will avoid internal genital diseases of your pet.

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