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How to choose an inexpensive hosting


How to choose an inexpensive hosting</a>

Hosting is the most popular option for posting websites among most webmasters.

Hosting companies allocate the places and resources of their servers so that their clients can create projects of minimal and medium complexity.

To date, there are a large number of providers who are ready to offer quality services that meet the requirements of the webmaster.

PHP Availability

Choosing a cheap hosting, it is necessary initiallyDetermine the desired functionality, guided by the complexity and type of the hosted site. If you create a website using the PHP engine, you will need hosting, which not only provides disk space and your own domain on the Internet, but also has PHP support.

If you plan to create a site using C # or Java, you will also need to know about the availability of supported technologies on servers.


Another important parameter is the availability of systemsDatabase management (DBMS) on the hosting. Any modern site engine uses MySQL, and therefore it is important to have at least one database available for creation, which will allow you to place all necessary information about records and users in a convenient table. If you are writing a project yourself using, for example, Oracle DBMS, make sure that this system is also supported by the hosting provider.

Additional options

Determine what additional opportunities forResource you need. For example, to change the PHP script processing parameters, you may need to edit the php.ini file. Determine the functionality that you expect from the control panel hosting. For example, you need a multifunctional CPanel or a lighter Direct Admin. Calculate the approximate amount of disk space that should be enough to store the files of your site.

If you are going to host audio or video files, you will need more space than for a regular blog, which will affect the cost of the tariff plan.

Choosing a Hosting Provider

Having determined the technical requirements,Start searching for a suitable hosting for you. To do this, you can use databases that store data about hosting services and allow you to search by the technical parameters and price category you specify. In the list of sites received, select the resources that are best suited to you and are inexpensive.
Having chosen the liked companies, study responses,Available on the Internet for each of them. Find out about possible problems that can arise during the use of hosting to choose a reliable provider. Study in detail the site of the selected company.
Particular attention should be paid to technicalCharacteristics of the servers used by the company - the better the characteristics and the number of computers, the more likely that your site will always be available to visitors. It is important to find out the location of the provider's data center. For example, it is better not to get hosting from foreign companies - the further the server, the worse access to it from Russian users. Also, learn about payment procedures and how to use the hosting.

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