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How to choose an airline

How to choose an airline

The main criteria in choosing airline flights are reliability, comfort and quality of service. Pricing policy in this case include a specific figure.

No tickets are always at a low cost justify the hopes and expectations of the supporters of air travel.

Ticket price

Most people tend to primarilypay attention to the cost of the ticket. However, when comparing the price policy of several airlines need to understand what constitutes this or that amount.
Flight, featuring low cost, can notinclude complete meals on board the aircraft. Additional margin is most often not only provides quality food, but also implies a huge selection of diet, child, vegetarian or diabetic menu. In addition, you can limit the variety of foods that are used for cooking. For example, exclude flour products, fatty foods, or give preference to the traditional cuisines of the world.
On the ticket price is also affected by the classthe intended service. At the moment, there are three main types of service during the flight - Economy, Deluxe and Business. The price of such tickets may vary several times, despite the same route.

How to save

The most optimal way to save on the ticketchoice of economy class is considered. However, such a comfortable flight is sometimes described as very difficult. The best option in this case is the selection of tariffs. Pay attention to the proposals of several airlines. Many of them offer seasonal discounts, benefits for seniors and students, profitable flights for couples and tour groups. Do not just buy a ticket first got company, it makes more sense to study carefully a number of possible proposals.
Just pay attention to the possibility of the return ticket. Some companies take their retention significant amount, while others - return the money practically in full.

Reliability airlines

The reliability of the airline and the degree of serviceabilityplane - the main criteria for which it is necessary to pay attention while traveling. Many people may mistakenly assume that preference should be given only to trusted companies, however, are not always the duration of their existence is an indicator of quality and reliability.
Aircraft - is the main element that shouldcause you the maximum interest. If you have a choice between the new model and air transport, whose age is estimated in decades, preference is given to newer aircraft. Also, do not be lazy to study how statistics flights airlines, and information available to park aircraft.
Broadly, all modern airlineIt can be divided into two main categories - low and private. In the first case, the aircraft mainly used outdated models, and all additional services of service will have to pay a certain amount. Private companies can afford to purchase more advanced aircraft models and provide a first class service to include its value in the ticket price.

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