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How to choose a car wash

How to choose a car wash

To wash your own carnot necessarily to take him on paid stationary car, it can be done, if you buy in a specialty store portable car wash, in addition, it can be used for other domestic purposes.

The main factor in the selection of the Machine is the amount of work to be performed with its aid.



If you need a machine just to wash your own car, it is enough to buy household car wash, This unit is designed to operate continuously for about half an hour.
If you plan to use it more intense, you need to buy a professional unit, it has a more powerful engine.


Note the pump, which is equipped withcar wash, it can be silumin or plastic, in addition it can be demountable, which dramatically reduces repair costs in the event of a breakdown. When selecting a filter, better to give preference to reusable options.


A variety of nozzles, which is equipped withcar wash, greatly simplifies the process of washing. Check how the water supply system, the machine will last longer if it is equipped with auto stop system. It is also necessary to determine whether the device requires no external water pressure.


As with any equipment, car wash could be damaged, so you need to ask in advance about the terms of guarantee system.

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