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How to choose a car that is suitable for the metropolis

How to choose a car that is suitable for the metropolis

As you know, in today's world, the car is no longer a luxury but a means of transportation.

And if so, then to the choice of the means necessary to approach with thoroughness and practicality.



The size and number of the car seats.
If you have a large family on the way to workyou need to have children in the gardens and schools, to throw a spouse to the subway or work, it makes sense to look at the cars of five seats or more. If you are traveling mostly alone, you is fine double machine.


The size of the boot.
boot size is taken into account to the person who intends to carry on a regular basis with a variety of loads.


Consumption of gasoline.
We can not ignore such an indicator as consumption of gasoline per 100 kilometers. After all, if you plan to travel a lot, you hardly want to stop every hour at a gas station.


turning angle.
One should take into account the future of mobilityiron horse. It is measured by the vehicle turning angle. This criterion you would appreciate, if you have to park in narrow courtyards or turn in tight spaces.


Pay close attention to this parameter: good visibility yet no one interfered, and you do it, of course, have handy.


Of course, do not forget the bright design and appearance of the car. After all, he will be with you every day and should be pleasing to the eye of its owner.

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