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How to choose a car subwoofer

How to choose a car subwoofer

To select the right subwoofer for a car, you need to think about the type of music you want to listen to.

Now in the market there are many similar devices.

They come with different types of functions and for specific purposes.

It is worth considering the subwoofer selection algorithm.



Determine the size of subwooferand depending on how strong you want the bass. He plays the bass in music. That is, the larger the subwooferand, all the more impressive is his ability to play. Remember that the vehicle interior is much smaller than even any room in the apartment. From dvadtsatisantimetrovogo subwooferand the bedroom will only shake the walls, but in the car it can even make glass.


Select smaller subwooferIf you want a moderately rich bass. Small device 15-17 cm will be quite suitable. Larger specimens of 25-30 cm can even wake the dead! Choose between the body of pipe and closed type. The advantage of the first is that it has built-in amplifiers. They are easy to move if you want to change the position subwoofera. Bazooka Mobile Audio is a leading manufacturer subwoofers of the species.


Get subwoofer enclosure, if you are not comfortable alternative. In this case, you can add your own amplifiers. Make a choice in favor of subwooferand that is made of a durable but inexpensivepolymer, such as polypropylene. The most inexpensive items made mostly from paper material, which is quite practical, but not very durable.


Keep in mind that you will be able to improve the sound quality. To do this, slips components subwoofera. This will give more room for the installation of the device. Cargo capacity is a key factor in choosing this product.


Calculate how much material is required for the purchase of assets subwoofera. Cheap copies are sold at 3000-4000 rubles, but a unit of a higher class can cost 20,000 rubles or more.

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