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How to choose a car seat for children

How to choose a car seat for children

In January 2007, the SDA appeared changeswhich require the use of special restraints for the carriage of children up to 12 years. Today, however, not all drivers have car seats for their children.

Most of the car owners agonize over the question of whether to buy the chair and how to select it.

Buy a car seat is necessarily necessary to ensure maximum safety for the child.



First, examine your car carefully: if you have a regular seat belts. Perhaps, in your car provides the ability to mount Isofix. This system allows you to firmly attach the child seat to the body of the machine, for this in the back of the car seat must be special bow, which is fixed for a car seat. If the Isofix system in your car is not available, you can attach the car seat with a conventional seat belt.


Weight, height, age of the child.

Before going to choose the car seat, it is necessary to measure the child's weight and height. Depending on these parameters, child seats are divided into several types:

Group 0 (the child's weight is from 0 to 10 kg.)

These chairs are designed for the little oneschildren (0 to 15 months). They are mounted on the back seat with the help of conventional seat belts. Car seats have two positions, semi-sitting and lying down, some models can be used as a rocking chair. Also, all models can be used to carry children. In this case, you need to pay attention to the child's weight (it should not be above 3.5 kg). The cost of car seats belonging to the zero group, is from 2000 to 5000 rubles.


Group 1 (weight 9? 18 kg).

These car seats are designed for children from breastage of 4.5 years. A large gap is due to the fact that children after the first year do not grow so fast, and 3-4 years the child weighs about 20 kg. When choosing a car seat, pay attention to the ergonomic shape, which will ensure healthy growth of the child. Be sure to ask about how the seat is fixed in the vehicle, it must have at least a three-point belt. The cost of such car seats range from 8 to 10.5 thousand rubles.


Group 2 (15? 25 kg.) And Group 3 (22? 36 kg.)

These groups include car seats for childrenbetween the ages of three to twelve years. But such car seats is not enough popular, as not every family can afford often buy chairs for children. More popular are the universal child seats for children from 3 to 12 years, and car seats that are designed for children from 9 months to 12 years. These models have a huge amount of adjustment of width and height of the backrest, the tilt angle, the length of cushion headrest, fixators belts. It is important that the chair installed to face the direction of travel.

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