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How to Choose a Car

On the huge number of cars it represented the market today.

Choose from this variety can be quite difficult.

There are several criteria that facilitate the process.

Decide on a price

The first thing you need to decide - is the costcar. It is believed that it is necessary to choose the car, whose price is comparable to the annual salary of the buyer, but does not exceed it. If, for example, your salary is fifty thousand rubles, the cost of the machine can not exceed six hundred thousand. Do not forget to pay attention to what, how much, on average translates operation of the car, and above all, it concerns fuel consumption. For the cost of gasoline you need to add maintenance that must be performed after every fifteen to twenty thousand kilometers, the price of insurance, and losses in the further resale of the machine. It is estimated that within three years the cost of the car is reduced by thirty to forty percent.
Determine the price, it is worth considering the type ofyou require a car. How often are you going to use it, how many passengers will carry in it, whether you regularly go out of town if you want to transport goods? Even approximate answers to these questions will allow you to submit a picture of the future car.

Types of cars

City residents should think about buyingsubcompact, which is easy to park in the city and that will not ruin you in traffic. Head of a large family and owner summer residence, requiring regular attention, it is necessary to look at the roomy station wagon or minivan, these machines will facilitate regular visits to the country, in addition, they can carry a fairly overall loads. Sedans are suitable for people with a family, which mainly inhabit the city, occasionally getting out beyond it. Such machines are well feel that they are on the track and in the city, but not "friends" with the country roads. Hatchbacks are good for those who rarely use the luggage compartment, they are easy to park in the city, but not adapted for the carriage of goods. Fans explore the endless expanses of Russia, and the fans will prefer longer trips-wheel-drive SUVs, which, however, are not well suited for continuous operation in the city, mainly due to the high fuel consumption.

New or used?

By selecting the type and possibly future purchase model,it is worth considering: buying a new car or to give preference to the mileage. Of course, it would be desirable to give preference to the brand new "brand-new", but in this case, if you buy it on credit, insurance will result in a lot of money, and have significantly overpay. In addition, to preserve the warranty, you will have to put the equipment that encourages auto show. As a result of such components as the system, will cost you a lot more expensive.
Used car in the same price rangeIt can be purchased at a good configuration, with the right additional options. Do not choose a cat in a bag, be sure to carefully inspect the car, find out about all the breakdowns that occurred. This information is very useful because it eliminates the unpleasant surprises. Of course, the condition of a used car depends on how it exploited the former owner, but if you approach with caution choice, buying a car can be fully justified.

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