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How to choose a bracket or shelf for microwave

How to choose a bracket or shelf for microwave

Although the microwave and can greatly facilitate the life of the owners, have at it and significant drawback - size.

If your kitchen has run out of space for another large object, you can use a special bracket, or suspended shelf.


When choosing bracket should be considereddimensions of the microwave oven. Go to the store with the measuring tape is not necessary - all the necessary parameters can be found in the passport microwave. From the width of the device depends on the length of arms - it should be with a margin as to install the rear wall of the stove against a wall is not safe. For proper operation between a wall and a microwave should provide a gap, the size of which should be about 20 cm.
Another important feature which can belearn from the passport microwave oven, it is the mass of the attracted you to model. After this will make sure that the selected brackets are able to withstand such a load. However, in the case of mass microwave should not forget about the left arm strength: if you want to be sure sure that the stove is properly attached and does not come down during the operation, add to the index of load capacity on fixing a few kilos.

The stock in the calculation of load capacity - is not only a reassurance, but keeping the weight of the products heated in the oven, as well as dishes, which can be quite severe.

Decide on the type of construction required youbrackets. The first of their kind features the possibility to change the length of the bracket without having to remove them from the wall in the kitchen, which allows the microwaves of different sizes on the same mount. This is done using special controllers, but they are also the weakest link in the design: the mobile and fragile element can quickly break down, resulting in a furnace to collapse on the floor. Another type of bracket is not equipped with controllers and can not adapt to the different models of microwave ovens, but the strength is more due to the integrity of its structure.

Too cheap brackets from the manufacturer ofwhere you can hear the first time, this is a serious risk. Use the mounting well-known brands, paying them a little more, but getting rid of the need to pay for a new microwave.

A shelf

Wall shelves for microwave ovens, as well asBrackets must be selected and attached to the wall on the basis of size and weight of the furnace. But there are also features of this method of installation: surface under the shelf microwave oven should not be slippery, otherwise the oven may fall out of his seat when you pull it too sharply on the door. It is best to equip a small shelf at the outer edge of the barrier, which will prevent the fall.

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