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How to choose a book in the library

How to choose a book in the library

The library is a repository of an enormous number of books.

They are diverse in content and purpose, and the novice reader, or a child, the first who came to the library, it is not easy to choose the book you want.



First of all, define clearly for yourself that youmost interested in literature, a genre and direction, as well as decide the author of the book you would like to read. Then proceed with a request to the librarian, and you will be advised to read the book.


If you want to choose the book,Use the alphabetical catalog, which should be in any (even village or school) library. In the catalog you will be able to understand whether you need a book available in the library and where (in the reading room or in the subscription department).


If you can not find in the alphabetical catalog of books by a specific author, select another work of this writer.


Use the system directory, if youfor example, you need to find research material to write an essay on a particular topic. This directory contains information that reflects the content of the books. You can quickly and easily pick up a few sources of different authors on the topics and issues close and completely versatile to develop a theme in the abstract.


Be sure to pay attention to the bookexhibitions, which are often satisfied with the libraries to the anniversaries of the authors or to the holiday dates. There you can find the necessary materials, such as lesson home reading school or simply to discover interesting new author.


Search for books on shelves not only in alphabeticalpointer (the first letters of the names of the authors), but also on the principle of genre. For example, the shelves of fiction or adventure are located separately from the scientific collections (encyclopedias, reference books, dictionaries).


Consult your librarian, and she,certainly point you to the shelves where books are recommended for your age group. After all, if you look at the serious psychological novel prematurely, it will not be able to understand and appreciate.


If you are interested in any book,familiarize yourself with the annotation to it (it is most often on the flyleaf). With it you get a summary of the content of the product, as well as about the author. The study of the content at the end of the source will also help you make the right choice for you an interesting book.


Pay attention to the font. Younger students better not to take the book with small print.


Choosing a book, pay attention also to the colorful illustrations, as bright and interesting images, certainly play a very important role in your perception of literary material.

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