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How to choose a body lotion

How to choose a body lotion

Body Cream should be chosen almost as carefully as a face cream.

Using high-quality cream suitable for your skin type will help to make the body smooth and elastic, as well as giving it a subtle flavor.

The choice of body cream

The modern cosmetic industryIt produces a huge number of different creams for the body. The variety of these products sometimes cause embarrassment for women as it is not easy to opt for any one cream.
When choosing a means for body care, you need tofocus primarily on your skin type as well as the main purpose of a product. For oily and normal skin moisturizers are perfect for the body, which also are very popular in the warmer months. The heat did not want to overload the skin by means of a dense oily texture, so the moisturizer will be in this case, the ideal solution.
For owners of dry skin prone topeeling, an excellent choice would be the purchase of nourishing cream for the body. Such tools are rich in high-quality oils and vitamins, which allows us to give skin softness, eliminate flaking and itching. On sale there are also cream for very dry skin of the body. By their texture they are very dense and even help to cope with the symptoms of atopic dermatitis.
When buying cream should pay attention toname of the manufacturer, the product release date, expiration date, and its composition. It is advisable to avoid the purchase of skin care products that contain parabens, silicones and some other synthetic components. It is much preferable to buy a cream with a predominance in their natural ingredients. An additional advantage is the presence in the means of UV filters, if you intend to use a cream including before going outdoors during the warmer months.
The form of release creams preference should be given funds in tubes or bottles with dispenser. The shelf life of creams in jars after you start using them expire more quickly.

Perfumed Body Cream, as well as sparkling agent, giving skin tone Sun

Currently particularly popularcream for the body, giving the skin a light shade of tan. They do not stain the skin, so the shade disappears after the first shower. These products take care of the body and give the skin a very spectacular view. Popular and lotions for the body, giving it a sophisticated shine. The structure of these funds includes sparkling microparticles.
Regarding flavored creams, thenthis case, every woman can choose a means to your liking. It is desirable that flavored cream and perfume was one of a series of cosmetic. If a woman uses an entirely different spirits, it is better to opt for a body cream odorless or with a subtle delicate aroma of freshness.

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