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How to choose a body cream


How to choose a body cream</a>

Body cream should be chosen almost as carefully as a face cream.

Using a quality cream, suitable for the type of skin, will help make the body smooth and elastic, and also give it a subtle scent.

Choosing a Body Cream

Modern cosmetic industryProduces a huge number of different body creams. The variety of these products sometimes causes difficulties for women, as it is not easy for them to choose one cream.
Choosing a body care product, you needFocus primarily on your skin type, as well as the main purpose of a product. For oily and normal skin, moisturizing body creams are perfect, which also enjoy great popularity in the warm season. In the heat, you do not want to overload the skin with a dense oily texture, so the moisturizing cream will in this case be the ideal solution.
For women with dry skin prone toPeeling, an excellent option is to buy a nourishing body cream. Such products are rich in high-quality oils and vitamins, which allows to give the skin softness, eliminate peeling and itching. On sale there are also creams for very dry skin of the body. In their texture, they are very dense and help to cope even with manifestations of atopic dermatitis.
When buying a cream, pay attention toThe name of the manufacturer, the date of release of the product, the expiration date and its composition. It is advisable to avoid buying skin care products that contain parabens, silicones and some other synthetic ingredients. It is much more preferable to purchase a cream with the predominance of natural components in them. An additional advantage is the presence in the composition of the means of ultraviolet filters, if it is intended to use the cream even before going out on the street in the warm season.
In the form of the release of creams, preference should be given to the means in tubes or bottles with a dispenser. The shelf life of creams in jars after the beginning of their use expires much faster.

Perfumed cream for the body, as well as sparkling means, giving the skin a tint of sunburn

At the present time,Cream for the body, giving the skin a light tint. They do not stain the skin, so the shade disappears after the first shower. Such products take care of the body and give the skin a very spectacular appearance. The cream for the body is also popular, giving it an exquisite glow. These agents include sparkling microparticles.
As for flavored creams,In this case, every woman can choose a remedy to her liking. It is desirable that the flavored cream and perfume were from the same cosmetic series. If a woman uses a completely different perfume, it is best still to choose a body cream without a smell or with a subtle subtle fragrance of freshness.

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