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How to choose the battery for the winter


Battery - a very delicate spare. About her recall mainly in winter when the car will wind up in hard frost conditions.

Problems occur at other times of the year, but the batteries on demand peaks just for the winter.

You will need

  • - Instruction to avtomobilyu-
  • - Instructions to the battery.



The first thing you need to read the manual onoperation of the vehicle. If the manufacturer does not recommend to use a specific battery with specific characteristics, there is appropriate space for creativity. The main characteristic of the battery is its electrical capacity, which is estimated at Ampere hours. The greater the capacity of the battery, the more electricity can spend pas start the engine, that is, to turn the starter motor longer. If your car is equipped with a solid power accessories, and it is typical for modern cars, the extra 5-10 amp hour battery will not interfere.


It is worth paying attention to another important point. The battery has a 100% efficiency at + 27 ° C. However, if the air temperature is -18 ° C, the battery performance is reduced to 40%. At a time for starting the engine must be more than 2 times as much energy as compared with a temperature of 27 ° C. In cold climates, there is a need for large batteries. Also, when selecting the battery should pay attention to its capacity. It shows the length of time, in minutes, after which the battery provides 25 amperes at + 27 ° C. There are some tricks and battery operation.


After 2-3 years of use with batterySome problems may arise. In winter, at -18 ° C, the battery is charged badly due to the fact that the internal resistance increases. During short trips energy in the winter, which spends the battery on start-up, is not able to be compensated. That is, if the car wound up and you drove about 200 meters and drowned cars, generator simply do not have time to make up for supply of energy that has been expended on cold start. The battery is functioning as a result of wear, quickly discharged and refuses.


It is necessary to consider carefully the fill plug. It is known that during charging the water is evaporated from the electrolyte and decomposes into oxygen and hydrogen in the electrolysis process. To evaporated formed gases in traffic is done a special hole. The cheapest battery in traffic there is a simple hole, and in better copies encased something like a valve. The main thing that must be addressed when choosing a battery - the conditions under which it is planned to operate the car and battery. For Russian winters will be advisable to choose a higher capacity battery, also do not forget to examine the recommendations of the specific vehicle.

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