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How to choose a battery charger


How to choose a battery charger</a>

The charger is an effective rescue tool for an experienced car owner, allowing you to reanimate a dead battery if necessary, and with it the car itself.



Make a choice between conventional chargers and moreComplex start-up devices. The first of these serve only to fulfill its nominal function - to charge the depleted battery. The devices of the second type are also suitable for starting a car: this procedure requires a large energy expenditure on the battery, so if it is discharged, it will not be possible to start the car until the battery is filled to the required level. Start-up charger allows you to reduce the waiting time, because with his help you can immediately start the car and drive to the right place even with an almost empty battery.


Choose between charger and start-up chargerDevice based on how much time you spend driving. If you do not use the car very often, a simple charger can easily meet everyday needs - it is important to remember that it is not only easier to operate, but also has a lower cost. To the same motorists who travel often and for a long time, additional functions of more complicated chargers can be very useful.


Consider the capacity of your batteryWhen selecting the power of the charger. The required charging time depends on the power - the higher it is, the faster the empty battery will be full. Calculate the approximate charging time using a simple formula: you need to divide the battery capacity by the power of the charger and add to the result 10-20%.


Determine the type of charger power sourceDevice. As an alternative to conventional devices powered from the network, models that operate on solar panels can act. You can give preference to such a charger in case you are ready to sacrifice your time, since they charge the battery longer. However, to return the car to life with a solar-powered charger, you can even in the middle of a deserted road, when there is not a single outlet nearby.

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