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How to choose a battery charger

How to choose a battery charger

Charger - is an effective means of survival for an experienced motorist, allowing, if necessary, to revive a dead battery, and with it, and the car itself.



Make a choice between conventional chargers, and morecomplex start-chargers. The first of them serve only to perform their nominal function - to run out of energy to charge the battery. Devices of the second type are also suitable to run the car: This procedure requires a large battery of energy costs, so if he is discharged, start the vehicle will not be possible as long as the battery is filled to the desired mark. Pre-charger can reduce the waiting time, because it can be used immediately to start the car and drive to your destination even when the battery is nearly empty.


Choose between the charging and starting-chargingdevice based on how much time you spend behind the wheel. If you use a car not too often, a simple charger can fully meet the daily needs - it is important to remember that it is not only easier to use but also has a more low cost. For those motorists who travel often and long, additional features of more complex chargers can be very handy.


Consider the capacity of your batterywhen choosing a power charger. From power depends on the time required to charge - the higher it is, the faster the battery will be empty filled. Calculate the approximate charging time can be using a simple formula: it is necessary to divide the capacity of the battery charger to power and add to the result of 10-20%.


Decide on the type of power source batterydevice. As an alternative to conventional devices, powered by the network can act as a model powered by solar batteries. Give preference to a similar charger can be in if you are willing to donate their time, because they charge the battery last longer. At the same time, return the car to life by means of the charger with solar batteries can be even in the middle of the desert road, when there is no audio sockets.

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