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How to choose a baby blanket?

How to choose a baby blanket?

How often these days you can find a caringmummy, wrap your baby in a warm, completely air-permeable "envelope". The child becomes too hot, it needs air bath, but my mom does not pay attention to it.

And then he does not understand where the baby camethis terrible potnichka body. Maybe that's why doctors and tempering system was created to somehow deal with unnatural loosening of the skin, has given us a civilization - a warm house and a soft postelyu.Mamochki, do not forget to ventilate the room before going to bed.

And if the street is not cold, you can leave the window open all night.

Do not be afraid, the child will not freeze, the main thing to choose the quilt. What a warm blanket is better?

What health benefits?

It covers all the favorite since the days of the USSR. They are heavy, do not give the body to breathe, bad leak air. These packs. baby sleep under a blanket so very bad, it is often plagued by nightmares. In the morning he wakes up sluggish, not rested. However, accustomed from childhood to sleep under that blanket, a person can not sleep if you do not feel the weight of quilted blankets.
At night, when the body temperature slightlyfalls, the child trying to get warm, wrapped up in a hot blanket, and a few hours later, sweating, resets it. The body is instantly cooled and as a result the baby wakes up in the morning with a runny nose and sore throat.
Light, soft, gentle. Sleep under such a pleasure. If the child is not allergic. And if it is? Allergies can cause mites living in the fluff and feeding particles of our skin. That they cause allergy-kid sense of "sand in the throat."
To combat these pests, many manufacturersinvented to hold special biological feed processing. Such a blanket for the year definitely will not be the cause of allergies. There is another way - to replace it with a blanket.
Perhaps the best option. It does not heat, and serves as a thermos. The heat is not hot under it, in the cold - it is cold. Wool has always valued more than feathers. It is famous for its healing properties. Even doctors recommend to hide these blankets to people often suffer from colds, allergies, Blanket will ensure your child is level, dry heat. It absorbs sweat to 7 times faster than any other fiber.
Blanket padding polyester.
Very light, weightless, have goodthermal insulating properties. its advantages is that even after several washings it retains its shape. The downside is that the baby may be allergic to polyester fiber. There is no single opinion on the blankets on the padding polyester does not exist. Select only you.

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