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How to choose a 50cc moped

How to choose a 50cc moped

In recent years, great popularity began to use the variety of two-wheeled transport, such as mopeds, scooters and motorcycles.

In the big city, this technique will be a real salvation and help save time.

At present in the Russian market can be founda large number of motorcycles of different capacities. For example, various 50-vat scooters, mopeds and scooters appeared in great demand. Such techniques are buying adults and even teenagers. The big advantage of 50cc mopeds is a high maneuverability, low fuel consumption and ease of use. Due to the popularity of mopeds and scooters people increasingly begin to wonder - how do you choose 50cc moped?

Price category

First of all, the future owners of mopedschoose equipment at its cost. In the Russian market there is a large spread of motorcycles prices for mopeds and scooters. For example, you can buy a 50 cc moped, laid 25 000, and you can spend all 85 000 rubles. That is why you need to choose a vehicle based on its budget. The average cost of mopeds and scooters - 30-50 thousand rubles. Agree, not so much for the technology, which will serve you for a long time and save you from the eternal traffic jams and congestion in the city.
Contrary to popular belief, low-budget 50cc mopeds is also found worthy equipment. That is, the cost of a moped is not the main indicator of its quality.

What is the best manufacturer

In recent years, the market appeared on motorcyclesa large number of low cost mopeds and scooters. For example, most of the stores selling goods mopeds of equipment manufacturers such as Omaks, Stels, Yamaha, Honda, etc. Each company has its good and bad models, so do not get hung up on the manufacturer's name. You can buy a moped Stels, which will last you 5-7 years and can purchase and technology from the Yamaha, requiring serious investment and repair in a month after purchase.

Appearance moped

If you think that a moped or scooter - astylized "stool on wheels", you are wrong. Manufacturers pay more attention to the appearance of art. Lovers of sport bike will please motorbikes Yamasaki Scorpion, which fit into the 50 cubes (a characteristic feature of scooters and mopeds), while fully replicating the look of most sports motorcycle. If you prefer road motorcycle technology, you can find a normal moped with a characteristic body, classic fit, and at an affordable price. The choice is yours!

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