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Choosing wallpaper for the bedroom


In our time there is a huge variety of wallpapers. The best option for a bedroom is wallpaper made from natural materials. In addition to environmental friendliness, they have a small soundproofing effect.

Choosing wallpaper for the bedroom

Vinyl, textile, non-woven, paper - each of these species has its advantages. So, it's important not to be mistaken, choosing one of them.

Vinyl wallpaper last longer due to largeDensity and can hide minor wall irregularities. Textile wallpaper is very environmentally friendly. Creative people prefer non-woven wallpaper, because they can be painted as you like. Paper wallpapers are characterized by low price and natural materials, but, unfortunately, they are not very durable.

Color of wallpaper

For the bedroom it is recommended to choose wallpaper soft,Quiet tones - shades of beige, peach, olive or blue. They will not cause irritation, and to choose furniture for such colors will not be a big problem.

Even to people creative, loving bright colors, these shades will be optimal. And the craving for bright and catchy things can be realized by adding contrasting accessories to the room.

When choosing wallpaper, it is useful to consider whichThe side of the light comes out the windows. If the room is sunny (south, east), cool colors can balance the excess of the sun, which will be especially pleasant in the summer heat. If the sunlight in the room is not enough (the windows face north or west), it is better to stop your choice on warm and soft colors.

Drawing wallpaper

Geometric drawing, abstraction, plant motifs or wallpaper - you can choose everything, which is enough for fantasy.

But it is necessary to consider several points:

- if the picture is small, it will reduce the room-

- a large figure may act overwhelmingly.

- visually stretch the room can be using strips.

If the bedroom is large enough, originalOption will be a panel type wallpaper. Using wallpaper of different colors, you can visually zonate the room, the main thing to remember that the material and texture should be the same, otherwise you can roll into the bad taste.

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